The Madden Curse Strikes: Brett Favre Traded to the NY Jets

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Posted on August 6, 2008, Chris The Madden Curse Strikes: Brett Favre Traded to the NY Jets

Gaming TodayThere’s no need to recap the Madden Curse at this point; it’s become well known to even those who dislike the Madden series or football in general. And while I’m not superstitious (I’m only a little stitious), it’s hard to look at the series of events that have taken place with the careers of the NFL stars that have appeared on the cover of Madden. Only a few months ago, it seemed like this year was a lock for the curse to be broken — Brett Favre was retiring, so his career couldn’t really be affected.

If you don’t follow the NFL, here’s a quick recap of this year’s event in Favre-ville: After coming extremely close to a trip to the Super Bowl (losing to the New York Giants, who would go on to defeat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl), the Green Bay Packers announced Favre’s retirement on March 4 of this year. Just a few weeks later, word started circulating that Favre was interested in playing another season — which, while not entirely unusual for Favre in the offseason over the past few years, was bizarre in that he had actually retired rather than simply contemplating the possibility. Since then, things have went from bad to worse for the Packers as Favre recently decided to indeed make a comeback.

Now it’s being reported that Brett Favre has been traded to the New York Jets. And while I’m a fan of the Jets and I’m excited to have Favre, I can tell you this: The team isn’t winning the Super Bowl this year. So the Madden Curse is working on a variety of levels — fans are angry with the Packers for the way they handled the situation; Favre’s legacy is arguably tarnished; Favre is now going to be playing for a team that won only four games this past season and could easily miss the playoffs this season; and, scarily enough for EA, Madden NFL 09 is days away from release with a legendary quarterback wearing an outdated uniform on the cover. Yikes.

Where this goes from here is unclear, but one thing is for sure: The Madden Curse continues to live on.

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