The modder behind Thomas in Skyrim is working on his own RPG title

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

Modder turned game developer Trainwiz, the man behind the infamous Thomas The Tank Engine mod that replaced all the dragons in Skyrim with characters from the railway-based TV series, is now working on his own RPG named Underspace - and it's worth checking out.

The game has just been released in Early Access on Steam and is described by Trainwiz as a spiritual successor to Freelancer in a Lovecraftian setting. It'll see players exploring deep space in their starship, with elements of open-world exploration and battles across 70 hand-crafted star systems.

You'll face enemies ranging from bizarre alien creatures to "space pirates," and as you'd expect from an RPG, it will feature a story curated to your choices as you play through the game. In addition to the single-player campaign, the game will also feature PvP and co-op modes - and there's even a demo coming during February's Steam Next Fest, if you'd rather hold out on the Early Access version.

The only real question I have right now is simply if Thomas will feature in the game. That seems unlikely. However, it would be incredibly ironic if another modder adds Thomas into the game - something of an inevitability, I am sure.

You can check out Underspace in Early Acces now on Steam, with the full game releasing on the 10th of April.


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