The Outer Worlds has sold over 2 million copies

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Obsidian Entertainment had some good news to share regarding The Outer Worlds this past week, as the Fallout: New Vegas developer confirmed that their new space-fairing RPG title sold over 2 million copies since it's launch four months ago, a pretty impressive figure.

Sales for the game have surpassed all expectations. The game did have a wide coverage in the gaming media and hype among RPG fans given Obisidan's previous work on New Vegas, and recent shortfalls in games coming from Bethesda in the Fallout series.

In the end, the game suffered no real competition from Fallout 76, and has proven to be quite a success it seems. The Outer Worlds is a fantastic RPG and deserves the strong sales it has achieved, I even gave it full marks in my review.

The good news is if you enjoyed the game, there's even more coming in the form of new DLC that's due to drop later this year. 


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