The Sims 4 is Currently Free on Origin!

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Everybody loves The Sims, certainly the original two entries in the series if not the third, but there's a surprising number of folks who may not have tried the most recent entry in the series, The Sims 4, when it launched, it lacked several features fans had come to expect, but it's proven itself a hidden gem over the last few years, and now you can get the game completely free.

That's right folks, The Sims 4 is currently free on Origin! It doesn't come with any DLC's or extra content but nonetheless a fantastic offer that surely no one can turn down. Make sure you login to Origin either via the launcher or via the website and claim your free copy quickly to ensure you don't miss out!

The game had a bit of a mixed reception when it launched back in 2014, but it's come on a long way since then with plenty of new enhancements, and six pretty awesome expansion packs that really add to the game experience.

It's still a great deal to get the base game alone, but if you find yourself hooked, then the DLC is well worth going in for, too. The only downside is it's around $40 per expansion pack, with the Game Packs around $20 and the Stuff Packs around $10, depending on your region.

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