The Truth Behind The Most Recent Wii Lightsaber Rumors (Lies)

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Posted on July 8, 2007, William The Truth Behind The Most Recent Wii Lightsaber Rumors (Lies)


I’m sure most of you have heard the disapointing news that the Nintendo Wii game LucasArts has been talking about is actually just the Lego Star Wars game. Fear not, because this rumor is absolute garbage. I’m not sure where the rumor started or even how it got widespread on some really credible sites, but it’s a completely false rumor. This is extremely fortunate for Star Wars freaks like myself out there who were holding onto hope for a awesome lightsaber game for the Wii.

Sometimes when covering gaming news, writers don’t fully look into a story. Fortunately, at Gaming Today we are on top of things. The announcement that a new Lego Star Wars game was hitting the Wii sent blogs and some big sites into a frenzy earlier claiming that this is the lightsaber game we were all waiting for, which really would have been terrible news for all of us.

Fortunately, we realized that this couldn’t be the case, because the lightsaber game we have been talking about for a long time is being developed directly by LucasArts. The Star Wars Legos game for Wii is being developed by a completely different publisher. Attention to detail can really save us from many false gaming rumors. I’ll admit reporting on games is a tricky business, because sometimes we have to go with a rumor, but we do make an attempt to at least verify the story.

Don’t always believe the hype and keep the dream alive, because there will be an awesome lightsaber game on the Nintendo Wii in the future.

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