The Witcher 3 now has an official modding toolkit after nearly a decade

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

Yeah, The Witcher 3 really is that old. Nine years old, to be precise, but that doesn't mean CD Projekt RED have abandoned it. On the contrary, they've just released a new modding tool known as REDkit suite, which should make modding even more accessible than ever before and hopefully encourage a slew of new, player-created content.

The game's popularity hasn't shown any signs of slowing down over the last decade either, and while the recent Netflix series has a lot to do with the game's renewed interest, the modding scene has been one the primary reasons the game has been so successful for so long. There's a huge number of mods out there, but perhaps impressively, most of these mods have been created without any kind of modding SDK.

Creating mods on custom engine games without an SDK is particularly difficult and usually involves reverse engineering the game's files and assets and creating community tools to modify and replace them. The release of the official REDkit tools should eliminate this barrier to entry for mod creation, hopefully opening things up to a bigger number of creators with tools to modify elements of the game directly.

The kit includes tools to create brand-new quests, direct your own cutscenes, animate characters, build logic trees, and much, much more. Modding toolkits are essentially cut-down versions of the tools used by developers, and while I haven't personally had a chance to evaluate them fully, I imagine there are going to be a lot more possibilities with this new toolkit.

You can find out more on the official Redkit website.


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