The Witcher 3 Offers Dozens of “World States”, 300+ Ending Variations

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Posted on April 1, 2013, Ian Miles Cheong The Witcher 3 Offers Dozens of “World States”, 300+ Ending Variations

It’s no secret that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will offer a wide array of endings which are based upon the player’s actions throughout the game. But just how many endings are there, exactly?

According to the game’s developers at CD Projekt Red, the game will offer 36 separate “world states” at the end of the game. These world states equate to three disparate playable epilogues, with hundreds of smaller changes unique to each player. The game’s managing director Adam Badowski told Polygon that they stopped counting once it reached 300.

“The game is quite complex,” Badowski said. “We didn’t mean to develop something special for the endings; it’s a natural consequence of the storyline. The story has hundreds of different branches and sub-plots. We have to just sum all of those elements up in the epilogues. Some of those elements are taken from the very beginning and some from other moments of the storyline. All of them will connect in the epilogue.”

Much like its predecessor, The Witcher 2, the game is expected to contain over 50 hours of gameplay and story and its developers even plan to offer support for save files for players who experienced the second game so their actions will carry over to the new game. It’s not a guaranteed feature, but CD Projekt Red wants to make it happen.

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