The Witcher 4 will build on Cyberpunk 2077's open world "freedom"

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We've known for a while that The Witcher 4 is well into development, but CD Projekt Red have now gone ont he record to talk about some of their plans for the game, with learnings from Cyberpunk 2077 going into the game.

Sebastian Kalemba, the director of the next trilogy of games in The Witcher series, recently spoke at Milan Games Week and suggested that a lot of the features seen in Cyberpunk 2077 will make their way over to the new Witcher games.

Kalemba cited one example where the player in Cyberpunk can choose their background story, their gender, their appearance, and so on, but ultimately, they always still play as V. While CD Projekt's games are open-world, they are ultimately tied to a narrative story that introduces some inherent limitations. According to Kalemba, these specific situations exist because the characters in the games have stories that align with the player's actions and backstory, while at the same time, the player is also free to build a character, choose a path, and feel immersed in the experience.

The Witcher 4 will also follow this same structure he suggested, meaning that players may be able to choose certain elements about Geralt's past in the game or give the player certain freedoms to shape the narrative, within a set framework.

Kalemba emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between long-time and recent fans of the series in the upcoming trilogy. The intention is to cater to those who appreciate "Geralt's exploits" in the newer games, although it remains unclear whether the protagonist will be Geralt, Ciri, or an entirely new character. CD Projekt has confirmed that The Witcher 4 unfolds in the same universe as the previous games, so unless it's a prequel trilogy, Geralt is expected to coexist in the universe we explore, leaving open the possibility of encountering him in the game.

Kalemba also mentioned that there are over 300 developers working on the project and that he expects that number to grow to over 400 by the middle of next year, so it seems to be full steam ahead for The Witcher 4's development.


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