The Witcher 3 - Super Turbo Lighting mod gets impressive update

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

The Super Turbo Lighting mod, a current work in progress by modder Essenthy, has posted some new promotional material, showing off some of the enhancements we can expect in the next version of this extremely popular mod.

Version 2.3 of the Super Turbo Lighting mod is currently being developed, and some new screenshots showcase just how amazing the game looks with some of the improvements the new version will bring - the most impressive of which is an unlocked, previously unknown lighting feature found within the engine known as gradient map, which makes the game look similar to the Sword of Destiny trailer.

One of the testers for the new mod make a quote on the mod's discussion pages, explaining the newly discovered engine feature;

What essenthy said is, he found new setting (He called it gradiant map) which makes game more similar SOD trailer, totally disabled projector effects behind the Geralt (Caves now almost dark and finally we need to use cat potion or torch, yayyyy), some changes will be in bad weather to reduce the difference between awesome STLM and vanilla bad weather lighting, light rays must work proper now, some lighting changes during cut-scene and other than that he said there are much more he is working on.

The Super Turbo Lighting mod aims to provide a new visual experience for the game, by tweaking the lighting system and effects. There won't be major changes to Toussaint in this version, only minor tweaks, as the author feels like the peculiar design of those areas won't fit with the changes he's made for the mod, but he hasn't ruled out re-visiting this area in the future.

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