There could be a Fortnite movie adaptation in the works

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Epic's hugely successful battle royale game Fortnite isn't exactly known for its deep plot, although there is a ton of lore that has built up around the game and its characters over the years. It seems that now Epic is considering translating that to the silver screen, at least according to The Information (and picked up by Eurogamer) who are reporting that Epic is looking into diversification following its fallout with Apple in court earlier this year.

The outcome of Epic v. Apple proved to have mixed results for both companies. While Epic isn't able to return Fortnite to Apple's platforms, the tech giant is also now forced to allow apps to bypass its payment methods for in-app purchases. Both are appealing the decision, but according to the report, Epic is now looking to push into entertainment based on "scripted video content" now that its efforts in mobile are stifled. 

Backing up the report is the news that the company hired three former Lucasfilm executives earlier this year, with the biggest name being Jason McGatlin, who was VP of physical production at Lucas, and is now head of "special projects" at Epic.

So while there's nothing currently in production, it seems that the movie is a distinct possibility and that conversations are occurring. Given the huge popularity of both Fortnite and video game adaptations lately, it seems incredibly likely to me, though.


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