There might be a multiplayer sequel to Cyberpunk 2077

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Multiplayer will already be a feature of Cyberpunk 2077, although perhaps not at launch, but many fans have been clamouring for a massively multiplayer experience set in the dystopian future. It seems that such a game may not actually be out of the question, according to a senior developer at CD Projekt Red.

John Mamais, head of the Krakow studio, stated in an interview with GameSpot that should Cyberpunk 2077 do well, the possibility of a multiplayer only game is on the table as a possibility. 

He also suggested that a multiplayer Witcher title might also be in the offing, along with the studio exploring new IP's for the future. 

We'll see how well Cyberpunk does. It's not for me to say what they'll be. I can tell you what I hope they'll be. I like Cyberpunk, I'd like to keep making Cyberpunk games. I also like The Witcher, I'd like to keep making Witcher-type games. It could be anything. Some new IP or some licensed IP. Who knows? It's not decided yet.

So it seems that the studio aren't ruling anything out, and that multiplayer may be a big focus in future releases. Stay tuned to GameFront for any further developments as we learn them.


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