These classic titles are going cheap on GOG.com right now

By FileTrekker a year ago, last updated a year ago

GOG.com, the purveyor of classic video games (and many of which have substantial mod collections here at GameFront), is having a sale right now which includes some must-have games, including the original Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, System Shock, Rainbow Six and Sim City games, among others.

The Winter Classics Sale offers some pretty hefty discounts on these games and more, in fact, over 299 games are on sale right now, but you'll have to move quickly to take advantage, with the discounts ending this Friday.

Several classic Ubisoft titles are on sale, including Far Cry 2, Rainbow Six, and the original Assassin's Creed, all of which are fantastic games if you've never played them before (or fancy some nostalgia) with other games such as the original System Shock getting 85% off (although you might want to wait for the remake that's coming soon)

System Shock 2 is also on sale, along with some other favourites of mine, including Theme Park and SimCity 3000. You can also grab some stalwarts like Dragon Age: Origins and Heros of Might and Magic 3 for 75% off, essentially the price of a cup of coffee.

There's plenty to choose from, so why not head on over to the GOG Winter Classics Sale now?


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