This Dark Souls 2 mod looks absolutely jaw-dropping

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We love Dark Souls here at GameFront, as I know you do too, but it's fair to say the first two games in the series are starting to, well, show their age, maybe just a little. This amazing new mod known as Flames of Old aims to bring Dark Souls 2 up to 2020 standards, though.

Created by modder Stayd, it changes the game's shaders, lighting and other visuals, including map elements, to bring the game up to date. It looks amazing, and really brings the game up to par with modern games for my money.

The mod is still in development for now, but there's plenty of screenshots to check out on Stayd's Twitter account. He also intends to create a separate mod which will further improve some of the game's "rough patches". 


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