This Dark Souls 3 total conversion mod remixes the entire game and runs on a Steam Deck

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

Dark Souls 3: Archthrones is a total conversion mod that will remix the entire game and introduce new content, characters, and content from other games in the Souls series. While the mod is currently still in development, a new update video today shows off some of the progress, including a new scratch-built area running on a Steam Deck.

Surprisingly, the area known as The High Lord's Temple seems to run really well on Valve's handheld hardware. The area gets its name from High Lord Wolnir, and gives us a glimpse into the once-thriving, sun-drenched city of Carthus during its heyday. Some of you may have noticed that the city is now underground, apparently caused by some shifts in space-time.

The mod will also take areas from Dark Souls 2 and remix those from the base game while weaving a brand-new story and introducing new characters, mechanics and lore. I'm pretty excited for the full version of this mod, or well, I'm pretty excited for our resident Souls expert, James, to get his hands on it and show us what he's really made of.

That may be a while away, though, as there's currently no release date for the mod, but be sure to keep an eye on the mod's YouTube channel for future updates.


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