This Elden Ring mod lets you take a leisurely stroll around The Lands Between

By FileTrekker a year ago, last updated a year ago

If there are two things that Elden Ring became famous for in 2022, its stunning visuals and that trademark FromSoftware difficulty curve. Naturally, these two concepts are at odds; exploring The Lands Between's gorgeous visuals can be a chore if beating the game in 803 deaths as I did is a little too challenging for you... *insert troll face here*

But fear not, young tarnished, as a Peaceful Ring from modder Rainer Geis is here to save your bacon. Now you'll be able to explore the entire world without the hassle of being killed constantly by callous enemies. 

The mod essentially serves as a super-easy mode. Enemies are still there; you can still attack and kill them, but they'll no longer attack you, leaving you to explore the Lands Between without fear of repercussion. Sure, you can cheese your way through the game this way if you want to feel about 2 inches tall, but the mod has some useful applications, too, such as creating gorgeous screenshots or just generally exploring the world post-game.

Using it any other way feels a little like cheating, but what do I know? I cheesed my way through with the help of the GameFront chat... arguably, if you're new to FromSoft games, it could serve as an excellent little training tool to get used to the mechanics. I wouldn't get too used to trying to play this way, though; I'd save this mod for after you've beaten the game.

Still, if you're interested in some casual, relaxing exploration, then head here to grab the mod for yourself!


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