This Fallout 4 mod does the impossible by adding actual ladders

By FileTrekker 10 months ago, last updated 10 months ago

Bethesda games are infamous for many things. Arguably overpromising and underdelivering, having a wide range of both hilarious and frustrating glitches, and perhaps most bizarrely, not having working ladders. Even Starfield, the latest game from the studio, hyped fans into a frenzy when a ladder was featured in a trailer, with Todd Howard having to cool things down by stating that players "don't read too much into the ladder."

For context, ladders sort of exist already in Fallout 4, but they act like a doorway to another area, in that the screen simply fades to black and you appear somewhere else. One modder by the name of neeher has managed to do that which Bethesda themselves could not, and bring actual working ladders into the game.

They're available for you to use in any settlement, and you have a selection of different ladder heights to choose from, from a single story up to around two and a half - allowing you to turn your huge post-apocalyptic structures into glorified climbing frames. There's even a lovely tutorial video that shows you exactly how they work.

Even the climbing animations look first-rate, from a normal regular climb through to a rather awesome fast-slide down. Heck, even NPCs can use them! If you're interested in checking it out, you can find all the details on Nexus Mods here.


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