This is One Way To Prevent Screen-Peeking (PIC)

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Posted on February 1, 2011, Phil Owen This is One Way To Prevent Screen-Peeking (PIC)

Since I have never been even a little bit competitive in gaming except in Geometry Wars 2 and while drunkenly playing Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones, I cannot relate to most gamers, I think. I do play online, but I mostly only f–k around with my friends when I do. It’s all for fun, see.

But a lot of folks don’t think of it like that. A lot of folks think this s–t is serious damn business. They’ve spent so much time watching sports that they feel inadequate when they look at their fat asses in the mirror ad so they try to achieve sports-like greatness in the only thing they’re good at: video games. A lot of folks even take it seriously when they’re playing against somebody in the same room, even though they aren’t children anymore.

So if you’re the kind of s–thead who likes to bitch about screen-peeking, I have an idea for you:

This may be kinda difficult to pull off on an LCD since you obviously cannot put tape on the screen of one of those, but the concept is sound.

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