This Minecraft Mod helps Scientists Research Cancer

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

The scheme, headed by Southern Methodist University, uses the power of one of the most advanced super computers in the United States, by augmenting it with data processed by a special Minecraft mod, potentially unlocking infinitely more processing power.

Much like other similar schemes like folding at home or SETI, the networked Minecraft computers are able to contribute their largely unused CPU and GPU processing power to work on mathematical problems, but the difference here is that the mod is also simultaneously providing the player with unique visual representations of the problems their computer is helping to solve within the Minecraft universe.

We expect to have over 25,000 people continuously online during our testing period. That should probably double the computing power of the supercomputer here.

Professor Corey Clark explained that taking just a small percentage of the computing power from 25,000 gamers playing the mod would match their ManeFrame's 120 teraflops of processing power, allowing them to effectively double the computing power of their current supercomputer.

The research that will be undertaken is centred on the chemical compounds that improve chemotherapy drugs. The goal of the mod is to identify which of these characteristics is the important ones, utilising human problem solving through the game itself, in addition to using the computer's spare processing capabilities.

The mod has approval from Microsoft, and upon installation, the mod explains what the intent of the mod is and provides the user with a full Terms of Service, privacy policy, and explanation of what the data collected will be used for.

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