This Mod for Amnesia Brings Lots of Story Without The Scare

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

If there's one thing Amnesia provided by the plateful other than scary horror, it was an amazing lore and brilliant atmosphere, but if you're looking for a similar experience that has more story and less scare, then The Shadow of the Ramlord is for you. 

It's a brand new, hour-long story, with much more focus on the storytelling, atmosphere and maybe a little necromancy. That isn't to say it's entirely devoid of scares, but it's much, much less and not the focus of the mod at all.

The mod, created by team Dark Craft Studios, says it'll appeal to people who enjoyed SOMA, another game developed by Frictional Games, and that the "custom story is very much directed towards the player who enjoys a deliberate pace, absorbing the narrative and level design clues, and feeling immersed in a story-first experience".

The mod tells the all-new tale of the Baron of Caecea Manor in his attempts to summon a malignant entity known as Ramlord, while his wife, being held prisoner, smuggles a letter out of the manor, begging for help. The letter inevitably is delivered to yours truly, the player, who must investigate the going's on of the manor.

It's about an hour in length, and contains all new environments, so why not check it out now on our sister site, ModDB?

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