This new mod turns Starfield into a colony sim and city builder

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

There's no denying how impressive mods for Starfield can be, and this latest entry from modder TankGirl444 is no exception. It's a complete revamp of the outpost system, effectively turning the game into a huge city builder mixed with a colony sim. Oh, and it adds mechs, too.

it features everything you could want from new building mechanics, food production, turrets, biodomes, and more. “This mod is meant to be a comprehensive rethink, change, [or] addition to the outpost system, its production systems, and many other aspects. The idea is to turn the outpost system into an immersive space colonization simulator, using elements from the game’s core lore and story,” the modder wrote. 

The new fracking mechanic lets you mine for core resources at any location in the game. You can also farm over 40 new plants, craft food to sell, and even keep livestock. The mod features a biodome structure that lets you terraform the inside so that you can create a thriving colony anywhere in the Settled Systems, even in truly hostile environments.

The modder is also looking to add NPC ships in the future, along with the ability to change the biome of the planet in reaction to the colony you've set up, and the needs of your NPCs. You can check the mod out now here.


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