This Officially Licensed Borg Cube gaming PC is perfect for Trekkies

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I suspect more than a few Star Trek fans are reading this article; after all, games like Star Trek: Bridge Commander and Voyager: Elite Force are among our website's most popular modded titles. Therefore, I would be remiss not to draw your attention to this new, officially licensed PC from CherryTree, modelled after the various Borg Cubes from the Star Trek franchise.

You can buy the case either stand-alone or with a range of pre-built configurations, both with and without a GPU, if you want to buy your own. That said, trying to mount your motherboard into this thing seems like more trouble than it's worth, so perhaps the pre-built options might be preferable for many people, although that limits your options regarding the hardware you might want to put inside it.

Putting that to one side, the case is absolutely stunning. Adorned with RGB and optional fibre optics, it's a perfect combination of PC Master Race RBG and sinister Borg Cube aesthetics. It's not a small case, though. Being a cube, it'll take up more real estate on your desk than a traditional PC case, but it does mean there's plenty of room inside should you want to stick in a beefy RTX 4090, for example.

The dimensions are 15 inches all around, so I'm sure most larger desks will be able to accommodate it. I suppose you could keep it on the floor, but only a madman keeps a PC on the floor, especially one as beautiful as this. The case has several RGB fans at the back for airflow and intake grills around the cube. 

In terms of specifications, there's a range you can choose from, including high-end Core i9 12900 K-based machines with RTX 3090 GPUs included, through to the $800 Micro Cube MK II that is much cheaper, featuring a Core i7 12700, but lacking a GPU, perfect if you wish to add your own.

There's a range of Cube types to choose from, from the Artifact version from Star Trek: Picard to the wartorn version from First Contact. CherryTree also offers other Star Trek-themed machines through their website, including those with a LCARS computer interface on the front panel.

You can check out the various options and pick one up now on the CherryTree website.


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