This Remnant II glitch lets you respec your character as much as you want

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

There's a lot to love about Remnant II, but if there's one complaint I've seen cropping up time and again, it's the exorbitant and slightly bizarre cost the game levies upon you to respec your character. 

If you do want to respec, it involves buying an Orb of Undoing from Wallace, and requires you to obtain three lumenite crystals and an eye-watering  2,500 scrap. This is tough in the early and even mid-game and is made all the more frustrating because you'll likely need to adjust your build more than once since you've only got 60 trait points to play with.

There's some good news, however, at least for the moment. Redditor NonHeroJC discovered an exploit in the game that allows you to respect as often as you like, as long as you have one Orb of Undoing. It'll require some expert timing, but as long as you dodge roll while simultaneously using the Orb, you can reset your trait points without consuming it.

The exploit works equally well on controller, so it'll presumably work on consoles, by spamming the A button to roll as soon as you use the item. The bad news is, the fun is unlikely to last, and I can only imagine the developers will patch this pretty quickly. Interestingly though, the team at Gunfire have already acknowledged the respec tax is problematic, and have promised some tweaks, so hopefully, things will be at least a little more manageable once the exploit does bite the dust.

Oh, and the exploit has other uses, too, as it seems to work with other items, such as a necklace that provides a damage boost after using a healing relic. One warning, though - as with all exploits, especially with games that feature online components, you use this exploit at your own risk. Don't blame me if you end up banned from the game, or losing your character's progress.


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