This Starfield mod makes space combat actually fun to play

By FileTrekker 23 days ago, last updated 23 days ago

For a game set in interstellar space, it's ironic the actual space bits in Starfield are, to put it politely, boring, serving as nothing more than a glorified set of loading screens interspersed by the occasional easy-to-win space battle.

Thankfully, Apogee Starship Combat Overhaul from modder Ashkaari is here to make your space battles a little spicier. It accomplishes this by making the speed of space battles much faster, while also increasing the intensity and overall difficulty.

According to the blurb, you can now “fly much faster, make use of numerous rebalanced and new engines and weapons systems, all designed to give you a more engaging and interesting experience.” While it might sound like a few tweaks on the surface, it makes a huge difference.

The rebalancing has been carefully thought out, and the newly added components to space battles serve to make things much more interesting. For example, you can now add maneuvering thrusters to increase your stopping power greatly, or to allow you to turn on a dime.

You can now gain much faster speeds depending on the engines you add to your ship, the power they're able to draw, and the overall design profile of your vessel, meaning you need to think carefully about the choices you make.

Weapons get some improvements too, with lasers and ballistic weapons getting improvements, making them closer in power to particle beams. There are new weapons in the mod too, including gatling cannons and rapid-fire lasers.

Interested? You can grab the mod right here.


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