This Starfield mod restores a cut feature using half-finished game code

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

Building outposts is something you can only do on planet surfaces, at least currently, but what if you could build an outpost on an abandoned space station? Well, thanks to this new mod, you can do exactly that!

The mod restores cut code, buried within the game, which adds fully functional outposts to space stations within the game. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of an outpost, it's essentially the settlements mechanic from Fallout 4, and allows you to build a base using materials you find throughout the game.

According to modder Vex, “all of the code was already in [the] game, but a few things were broken and just didn’t work.” The mod fixes these issues, although it isn't 100% perfect, so you may encounter a few bugs.

This has raised questions about the intention of this feature - was it simply cut due to bugs, or time constraints? Is it part of an upcoming DLC? Only time will tell, although there is at least one DLC for the game coming, known as Shattered Space.

You can download the mod out now on NexusMods.


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