This Starfield mod unlocks new starship customization options

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

We've talked before about some of the excellent mods out there that can help you level up your shipbuilding game in Starfield, and while the base game does have a ton of customization and configurability, it's not always possible to build things quite how you'd like them. Thankfully, there's a new mod available that helps you perfect your ideal starship.

Created by modder Chokehold, Starfield Enhanced Ship Modules will add a ton of new options when shipbuilding, allowing you to mix and match a bunch of different modules. Want to slap ridiculously OP engines onto your ship, or add a reactor that takes up only one space in your ship's structure? There are also enhanced modules, such as cargo bays, that can offer you much more expansive and efficient storage.

The mod is also lore-friendly, the new modules are created by in-universe manufacturers and will only be available at the respective locations where those manufacturers' modules are sold. You'll be able to find everything from newly enhanced engines, reactors, grav drives, fuel tanks, shields, cargo bays, and landing gear. 

You'll need to have the Plugins.txt Enabler and follow some additional installation instructions, along with Starfield Script Extender, to get the mod to work, but once you've got these prerequisites installed, you can download the mod here.


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