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Posted on May 5, 2011, GameFront Staff Thor: God of Thunder Feats

Scattered throughout the various levels of Thor: God of Thunder are opportunities to perform Feats. These bonus challenges enable you to earn extra Valor points (which can be spent on upgrades, unlocks, and abilities). Some have special criteria, or can only be earned on a certain difficulty. Completing all the Feats in a certain level earns you an achievement/trophy, as does completing all of the Feats in the game. Below, you’ll find a list of Feats, organized by level.


A Friend in Need – Rescue Sif

Asgard Collector – Find eight collectibles on Asgard (Hard Only)

Asgard Gatherer – Find four collectibles on Asgard.

Commander – Save the Einherjar

Giant Breaker – Stop the Jotun raid.

Grappler – Successfully grapple 10 different foes.

Guardian – Prevent the Jotun from destroying the Asgardian buildings.

Homeland – Destroy 50 Jotun Invaders.

Observant – Find a way to Niflheim.


Demolition – Destroy all four ice pillars in Ymir’s Throne Room.

Driven – Challenge Ymir.

Frostfire – Extinguish five Frostfire clouds.

Hard Target – Destroy 10 Jade Turrets.

Indomitable – Reach Ymir’s Throne Room.

Jade Breaker – Destroy three Jade Accelerators within the Storm Spire.

Jade Smasher – Destroy four Jade Crystals on top of the Storm Spire.

Makeover – Smash Ymir’s face at his fortress entrance in under 20 seconds.

Nemesis – Prevent Ymir from reforming three times.

Niflheim Collector – Find 10 collectibles on Niflheim.

Niflheim Gatherer – Find five collectibles on Niflheim.

Niflheim Raider – Find 15 collectibles on Niflheim (Hard Only).

Nimble – Exit the cavern without being hit by the frigid winds.

Reckless – Open the Cave of ages.

Relentless – Reach Ymir’s stronghold.

Return Fire – Destroy five Jade Turrets.

Spiked – Avoid being hit by Ymir’s ice spike traps.

Surefooted – Reach the top of the Storm Spire without falling.

Unstoppable – Break free from five freezing bonds.

Vengeance – Defeat Ymir.


Damn the Torpedoes – Ram your barge into 10 river obstacles.

Explosive – Destroy 20 Vanir Energy Cells.

Frostgrinder – Find a way to escape Vanheim.

High Explosive – Destroy 40 Vanir Energy Cells.

Lore Master – Listen to the Vanir historical records.

Lost and Found – Discover where you are.

Pod Breaker – Destroy 10 Spore Pods.

Pod Smasher – Destroy 20 Spore Pods.

Power Up – Reactivate the Beacon and find the path to Frostgrinder.

River King – Destroy 90 enemies with Hammer Throw while piloting the barge.

River Master – Destroy the Skraeling Fleet.

River Runner – Destroy five enemy skiffs.

River Warrior – Destroy fifteen enemy skiffs.

Shellshocked – Destroy four Vanir mortar launchers.

Thrashvines – Destroy 10 Leechweeds.

Ulik, Strongest of All? – Defeat Ulik.

Vanaheim Collector – Find 10 collectibles on Vanaheim.

Vanaheim Raider – Find 15 collectibles on Vanaheim.

Vanaheim Gatherer – Find five collectibles on Vanaheim.

Weedkiller – Destroy 25 Leechweeds.


Anchors Away – Find a way through the shield.

Combustible – Destroy 10 Indendiary Clouds.

Destroyer – Enter the Forge.

Exterminator – Destroy 100 Lava Plants.

Extinguisher – Destroy 200 Lava Plants.

Geode Breaker – Destroy 10 Infernir Geodes.

Geode Crusher – Destroy 30 Infernir Geodes.

Geode Smasher – Destroy 20 Infernir Geodes

Guerilla – Destroy nine Infernir drills.

Home Again – Enter the Infernir Invasion Portal.

Incendiary – Destroy 20 Incendiary Clouds

Muspelheim Collector – Find 10 collectibles on Muspelheim.

Muspelheim Gatherer – Find five collectibles on Muspelheim.

Muspelheim Raider – Find 15 collectibles on Muspelheim.

Power Outage – Destroy 6 Infernir shield Generators.

Pure Scabrite – Infuse Mjolnir with pure Scabrite.

Saboteur – Destroy four Infernir Drills.

Scabrite Trail – Follow the trail of Scabrite to a Forge.

Supply Lines – Destroy 15 Infernir Ore Carriers.

War Machine – Destroy 30 Infernir Ore Carriers.

Asgard Besieged
And Stay Out! – Shut the Gates of Asgard.

Anti-Aircraft – Shoot down 20 Infernir Assault Drills.

Asgard Besiged Collector – Find 11 collectibles on Asgard.

Asgard Besieged Gatherer – Find five collectibles on Asgard.

Defender – Destroy 30 Jotun invaders from the Ramparts.

Jade Crusher – Destroy four Jade Accelerators.

Protector – Prevent the Gjallarhorn from being destroyed.

Rally Cry – Sound the Gjallarhorn.

Redemption – Defeat Mangog.

Reunited – Find Sif and Heimdall.

Savior – Save 12 Einherjar.

Siege Breaker – Break the invasion of Asgard.

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