Top 10 Best Skyrim Steam Workshop Mods

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Posted on February 17, 2012, CJ Miozzi Top 10 Best Skyrim Steam Workshop Mods

UPDATE (Oct. 15 2012): We’ve added ten additional mods to this list!

The Skyrim Creation Kit was released a week and a half ago, and well over 2000 mods have already been created and published to the Steam Workshop. That’s an awful lot of mods to have to sift through to, so to save you a headache, we’ve compiled this list of ten of the best mods presently available. Some are practical, some add extra content, and some add functionality.

In order to download these mods, load up Steam, head on over to the Steam Workshop, and search for the name of the mod.

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10. Kill Them Generals

You are the Dovahkiin. You can slay dragons, blast giants away with a shout, and annihilate entire populations. So why can’t you kill those damn Stormcloak Generals and Imperial Legates after the Civil War?

This simple mod removes these NPCs’ “essential” status, allowing them to be permanently killed.

Time for vengeance.

9. Complete Skyforge

Ah, Skyforge. Jewel of Jorrvaskr, older than men and mer, manned by the legendary Eorlund Gray-Mane, Skyrim’s best blacksmith.

Now, if only it could be a one-stop shop for all my crafting needs…

This is a little convenience mod that adds a Smelter, Workbench and Tanning Rack to the Skyforge.

8. Isilmeriel’s LOTR Weapons

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king

I’m a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings, and while Skyrim doesn’t exactly make a great Middle Earth, wielding Tolkien’s fabled weapons is always fun, regardless of setting.

This mod adds the following weapons, which are all hand-textured, upgradable and enchantable:

- Anduril and Narsil (one- and two-handed versions)
- Shard of Narsil (dagger)
- Glamdring (3 versions: ancient, regular, and polished)
- Morgul Blade

7. Invulnerable Unique Horses

You finally acquire Shadowmere, the steed of nightmares, scourge of the living, the demon prince of equines. Then you fall of a cliff with him and he dies.

This mod makes the unique horses Shadowmere and Forst invulnerable in combat and grants them over 25,000 health to prevent them from dying by taking fall damage.


6. Dynamic Merchants

This mod helps injects Skyrim’s economy with 10cc’s of realism. The amount of gold that a merchant carries will be affected by how much you trade with them. Buy or sell expensive items and the merchant may have extra gold when you next visit.

Most shops will just receive extra gold when they are profitable, but blacksmiths will sometimes receive extra ingots and alchemy stores can receive extra potions. Some merchants also receive rare items after their store has received high trade volume.

This currently works for all merchants in Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm, Riften, Markarth, Falkreath, Morthal, Dawnstar and Winterhold as well as all Fences, Dark Brotherhood and Trade Caravans.

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