Top 10 Zelda Songs of All Time

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Posted on November 22, 2011, Ben Richardson Top 10 Zelda Songs of All Time

The release of Skyward Sword has ingited something of a Zelda frenzy. Gamers young and old are reconnecting with their indefatigable blond hero, and comparing his exploits in Nintendo’s new title to those that populated the series’ bygone classics.

Many factors combine to make the Zelda games so popular, but one in particular stands out, sequel after sequel: the music. Despite their deceptive simplicity, the many compositions penned by legendary composer Koji Kendo have a unique power to move gamers of all ages. With this in mind, we asked GameFront’s resident Zelda fanatic, Mitchell Saltzman, to list his top 10 favorite Zelda songs. See what he had to say in the list that follows.

10. Ocean Theme – Wind Waker

One thing is clear about Zelda overworld songs: they have capturing the spirit of adventure in a song down to a science. The Ocean Theme from Wind Waker is perfect for seafaring adventurers, which is a blessing, given how often you’ll hear it while playing this game.

9. Song of Storms

Another catchy ocarina theme from Ocarina of Time. I’ll never forget heading inside that Windmill in Kakariko Village, spending way longer than I’d care to admit wondering how to get that piece of heart, but eventually not caring — I got to listen to this song the whole time.

8. Hyrule Castle – Link to the Past

Easily one of the most memorable themes of the SNES era, the Hyrule Castle theme was dark, ominous and prideful all at once. Most importantly, it went perfectly with slashing knights off of narrow bridges and sending them to their deaths.

7. Labrynth – Zelda 1 Dungeon Theme

Making a game creepy or atmospheric in the days of the NES was an incredibly hard task, thanks to the limited tools at a developer’s disposal. This theme, however, managed to make traversing dungeons about as creepy as an NES game can possibly get.

6. Dark World Theme – Link to the Past

One of the most impressive aspects of Link to the Past was the separation of Light and Dark Worlds, and one of the key elements of making that seperation so distinct was this incredible song. It maintains the spirit of adventure present in the usual overworld theme, while adding moodier touches that fit well with the mystery and intrigue of visiting the Dark world for the first time.

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