Top 5 Total War: Warhammer Utility Mods Released

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Published by Digz. 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Total War games have always been known for their capability to modify and develop into something arguably better, or into something completely different, take Third Age Total War for example. Total War: Warhammer is no different and that can be seen by the variety of mods currently in development and those that have already been released.

Below is a list of five mods that have been created to assist in a number of things, ranging from better camera angles to changing the dynamic of the campaign to improving your co-op gameplay. To see the entire host of mods that are released or in development for Total War: Warhammer visit the Steam Workshop.

Home Region Movement Bonus

Theoretically, and practically also, it would make sense to have armies in your own territory to be able to move further each turn because they know the territory and how to get here and there faster. So this enables the increase of movement for armies within their own territories by 10%, however there is another version of the mod that increases it by 25%, although that seems a little bit too much of an advantage. The mod compatible with most mods but most importantly it is compatible with ongoing campaigns, all you have to do is enable it when you launch the game and end the turn once and it will take effect. You can view the mod in the Steam Workshop here and it’slarger 25% counterpart here.

Better Camera Mod

Ever wanted to get the best possible views of a battle and get the most of the incredible skins and graphics the Total War development team have worked on for this game? Well now you can with this great mod that allows you to zoom out and in to your most ferocious battles and get the feel as if you’re really in the combat. With the mod allowing you to zoom out further it can give you a better feel of the battlefield without going into the tactical overview screen and the ability of the closure camera height allows you to capture your units fighting at a glorious angle. A must have mod for the action cinematic fanatics which you can view in the Steam Workshops here.

Chaos Please Wait!

For those of you who think the Armageddon event of Chaos entering the fray to the world of Warhammer in the game is too early for you then be sure to install this mod! For new players to experienced players trying the game on harder difficulties this mod delays the invasion of chaos to later in the game depending on your strength rating or turns if you do not meet the strength requirements to enable the Chaos invasion to still take an active part in the game. You can view the mod in the Steam Workshop.

Legendary Lord Unique Start Position

This mod changes the affiliation faction for the secondary Legendary Lord to be playable within a secondary faction of a particular race so that you can play a co-op campaign with your friends and be on the same side. For example, Balthazar Gent starts with the faction of Stirland instead of the Empire and Ungrim Ironfist starts for the Karak Kadrin faction. The mods principle reason is for the ability to play with your friend as the same race instead of playing different races and therefore having opposing factions. We’re all for mods that allow a better co-op dynamic and this is a must download if you’re looking to do a decent co-op campaign with a friend, you can view the mod on the Steam Workshop

Conquer Anywhere & Diplomatic Options

A lot of players have been frustrated by the lack of ability to conquer and occupy other factions settlements of which races are not compatible. For example when playing as the Greenskins you cannot occupy Dwarven settlements which can be highly annoying when you can only occupy one half of a region thus not being able to claim the commandment or potentially losing a key strategic position on the map. Other players, myself included, think not being able to occupy a not compatible factions settlements is a brilliant idea and really adds into the challenge and lore of the game. However if you want to unleash your armies in the old world and conquer everything then you can download the mod from the Steam Workshop here

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