TOR Is Robbing Us of Its High-Res Textures (PIC)

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Posted on January 9, 2012, CJ Miozzi TOR Is Robbing Us of Its High-Res Textures (PIC)

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Something is amiss in the Old Republic. When switching between “Medium” and “High” texture settings, there is no improvement in the texture quality of character models. But the plot thickens — higher-resolution textures are observed during conversations.

By means of the holoterminal trick — clicking on your ship’s holoterminal when there is no active mission on it — you can see your character model switch to the true high-resolution textures for a split second, so there’s no question that the textures do exist and do look better than the “high” texture settings. So what’s happening?

Ominously, the “medium” texture setting has disappeared from the Public Test Server, leaving only “low” and “high” options — and “high” is still the same as “medium.” With many players claiming BioWare snuck in this change in the hopes that everyone would forget we ever had a “medium” setting, I prefer to believe that this is a temporary measure while they seek to address the problem.

Earlier today, Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid responded to the issue after a weekend of silence:

Hey all, wanted to let you know we’re aware of this issue. We’re tracking down the details with the development team and will give you an update soon – hopefully later today.

We eagerly await the results. It’s entirely possible that the true high-resolution textures cause a significant performance drop and were purposefully disabled — but if that’s the case, then the performance vs. quality decision should be the player’s decision to make. The textures are there — why not give us the choice to use them?

Do you want to use the high-res textures that are included in the 20gigs of TOR on your hard drive, or are you content with what’s available to you now?

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