Torchlight 2: Robot Parts Locations & Secret Side-quest Guide

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 6 years ago , last updated 2 months ago

If the main-quests and bosses are giving you trouble, use our Torchlight 2 walkthrough to get a helping hand. For more secrets and codes browse over to the cheats page.

Robot Parts Locations & Secret Side-Quest Guide

  • Scattered throughout the campaign of Torchlight 2, you can find hidden “Robot Part” quest-items. They’ll always be located inside dungeons.
  • Once you find your first Robot Part, a Side-Quest will begin, appropriately called “Robot Parts”.

Robot Part Locations

  • Act 1

  • Widow’s Veil (Crow’s Pass): Light all the unlit braziersr throughout the dungeon to open the secret room containing the first part. Here you’ll find the Robotic Drum.
  • Act 2

  • Tower of the Moon (Ossean Wastes): Hit each of the gongs throughout the dungeon to find a secret area leading to the Robotic Arm.
  • Brood Hive (Salt Barrens): Get to the last floor of the dungeon and crush all the roach eggs to find Robotic Pipes. The Brood Hive is located deep inside Swarm Point.
  • Act 3

  • Abandoned Sawmill (Blightbogs): Remove the skeletons stuck to the walls to unlock the area, where you’ll find the Robotic Body.
  • Cacklespit’s Realm (Sundered Battlefield): To reach this area, you’ll first need to complete a quest where you’ll find a bell in the marshlands. Place the bell and complete the side-quest to unlock Cacklespit’s Realm. In the dungeon, you’ll unlock the secret area by destroying three tree stumps. Here, you’ll find the Robot Head.

Returning the Parts

Note: These parts cannot be returned to the Professor until The Broken Mines are open in the main questline in Act 4.

  • Return to the Zeryphesh in Act 2 and bring all the parts to Professor Stoker. He’ll construct the Trillbot-4000, a secret quest-giver and returning character from the first Torchlight.
  • Speak with him, and he’ll give you the secret “Three Sisters” side-quest.

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