Total War: Rome II Team Plans To ‘Fully Support’ Modding

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Posted on August 31, 2013, Ross Lincoln Total War: Rome II Team Plans To ‘Fully Support’ Modding

In case there was any doubt, make a note: modding tools are definitely coming to Total War: Rome II.

On the first day of PAX Prime 2013, we spoke at length with Al Bickham, Studio Communications Manager for The Creative Assembly. He revealed the company’s plans for the modding community with its latest game, and if you’re even tangentially interested, you should be excited. “We fully plan to support modding,” Bickham told us.

For those of you who’ve spent the last few years playing around with the various incarnations of the Total War series, that won’t come as a shock. The developer has long had a close relationship with the modding community, having actually plucked the lead unit designer for Total War: Rome II, Jack Lusted, from that community. “He was a big modder back on [previous Total War games],” Bickham told us. “He modded new units into the game, gave them a great level of historical accuracy, he did his homework on them. We were like ‘yeah, we need you’, so many happy years later, he’s now our lead unit designer. Talent can come from anywhere,”Bickham added, “and when you’ve got a community like ours, when people are so passionate about it, so driven to understand the inner workings of it, that can happen.”

As for official tools, TCA plans a repeat of the process by which it created tools for Total War: Shogun 2. “What we did [with Shogun 2] is meet with modders,” Bickham said. “We asked round the community, we got those guys in, and we just asked them about what they’re looking for, what they think is useful. And we fully expect to do the same with [Rome II].” That said, modding tools won’t be coming for several months. “We first want to get through launch, and give that community time to play the game, I imagine quite extensively, and they’ll have some new ideas about what they want or need for modding, what are the kind of things they’d want to be able to do. Of course after launch we’ve got some free DLC coming. But after that, we’ll get to it, and I think the next year or so after release is going to be really fun.”

Total War: Rome II launches Tuesday, Sept. 3. Stay tuned for Ben Richardson’s review.

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