Total War: Rome Remastered brings back the nostalgia

By Digz 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The Total War team have released a fan favourite, and even with all the re-mastered games coming out in the Command and Conquer series, the Warcraft series, this one really trumps them all. It brings back the nostalgic feeling many years ago, crushing Gauls and wiping Greece off the map as the Romans or fighting back against the Roman advance playing as Britannia and Germania. 

The game itself graphically is excellent and presents a great upgrade to the original game. You can see individual faces of your units on the battlefield, the armour really does gleam in the sunlight, or the body tattoos of your barbarian brethren stand out and frighten the enemy. The Creative Assembly team have said that they have not upgraded the game engine, it still plays the same in terms of game dynamics, but the graphics have seriously improved and brings the same into the current era. I totally understand that the game may still feel old because new Total War games have vastly upgraded the gameplay mechanics to do so much more on the campaign map and the battlefield. I love the fact that in new Total War games, you can build your faction heroes as you want them and upgrade their skills and traits, which even occurred in Rome 2. So yes, even though we have a remaster, it hasn't actually remastered the game to the extent some people would have wanted; I, however, am grateful this did not happen. I love smashing through enemy factions like the Romans and let the game create crazy titles for the factions family members like "Gaius the Wrathful" or "Flavius Augustus". I also like that I just wanted to play the original Rome Total War for how it was not something it could be.

The game was at the forefront of any RTS in its day; people worldwide still love playing it, and now graphically, it has improved. People will continue playing this just as much as any Total War because of how the game was. I thought Rome 2 was a great game, but it still didn't match up to the original. Would we want to see a second remaster or a Rome Total War 3 where they build on everything they have developed in the last few iterations of Total War games, yes of course but in the meantime, I'm happy with what I have. The user interface is clean, easy to use, and I actually like the minimalist reworked model. It makes you focus on the actual game itself and not on the previous UI, which, now comparing it to the newer Total War games, was quite sticky.

Of course, the campaign map has visually improved; the merchant unit is now deployable and is a fun new addition to the game to grab that extra income and monopolise certain materials of trade in territories. I'm personally finding it difficult when other merchants come and buy out my merchants, and they seem to do it all the time, yet when I try, mine end up failing every time. Still, it adds something new to the game that can have a decent effect on your economy. The music is still the original Rome music which was so perfect; I don't think they have managed to top that soundtrack yet, I know Shogun 2 and Medieval 2 Total Wars come close, but still, Rome Total Wars is my favourite and seems to be a lot of other peoples too because in the Rome 2 Steam workshop the original music mod is one of the most downloaded!

My review about Total War: Rome Remastered is that it is what it says it is. It's the original game with a few tweaks here and there in all of its glory; the upgraded graphics is really all anyone ever wanted from this game. Anything more like being able to customise your generals like you could in Three Kingdoms or Warhammer wait also gives them an excuse to build Rome Total War 3! If you're a Total War fan, you'll love playing this, not just for the nostalgic feeling, but it brings back elegant simplicity to Total War, which will keep you playing just as you were all those years ago when the original hit. 


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