Total War Saga: Troy Announced & What We Know So Far

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

The Total War team said in a developer post last year that they were working on some new titles, one of them was Britannia, and now the next one is revealed with announcement of Total War: Troy.

We go back to the era of Achilles and the epic scene of his battle with Hector, in the fight for glory! We'll have to wait until 2020 to raid the beaches of Troy with what we believe to be a Q1 release to tie into their fiscal schedule and also because the game has been in development for a while as we can see from the YouTube video released so far about the campaign map. The map does not just cover Troy, it's still a fairly large map and will cover the Aegean region and from the campaign video below you'll see the size of it.

The gods will play an important role but not in the battlefield, they'll play a similar role to how they played for Wulfric the Wanderer in Total War: Warhammer where they'll give you rewards for building temples of them or winning battles. Mythical creatures will play a part in the game and recruited for battle for example centaurs. The unit composition focuses mainly on infantry as with the times, and the cavalry will be extremely sparse so if you have them you'll certainly be at an advantage. We do not believe there will be ship battles so that's good as for some odd reason we can't get some decent ship battle dynamics yet.

Heroes like in Warhammer style will be available, they can also duel like in Three Kingdoms so use them wisely and be effective. You'll be able to play with the likes of Hector, Agamemnon and of course the great Achilles. Similar to Warhammer these heroes will have their own quests to rank themselves up and get some better weapons and armour. 

The economy is also something that will be totally different, it's based upon materials instead of denarii. So you'll have to build things carefully and conquer territory tactically to build up your reserves. For example, you can't recruit new soldiers if you don't have enough bronze for their armour and of course food.

So there's lots of things to consider already for this epic game, we can only hope it matches up to the greatness of Homer's The Iliad. We'll continue to bring you more news as it is released.

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