Total War: Troy developers talk modding tools in new update

By Digz 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

The Total War developer team have sat down with their Senior Technical Designer for Total War: Troy, Radoslav Borisov, about the inclusion of various modding tools for the game and what they have done to make it easier and better for modders out there, something at GameFront we love and wholly support!

According to Radoslav "moddability has been a focus for us ever since Troy started production." The modding scene for Total War games is huge, primarily because of the scale of the games means that total conversions are far more enjoyable due to the depth the vanilla game provides. However the team developing Troy aimed to produce two features which were that the game had to be easy to make changes to and had a "wide pool of possibilities to use to make changes."

The team have put together various tools for modders to utilise and Radoslav lists them in his response to the question of what tools does Troy have for making mods:

Alongside TROY we provide the Assembly Kit package, which includes various tools for modders to use, namely:  

  • The Database Visual Editor, more commonly known as ‘Dave’. 
  • A resource exporter named Build in one button, more commonly known as ‘BOB’. 
  • A battle map Editor, named ‘Terry’. 
  • A tool for creating and editing unit variants, plainly named ‘Variant Editor’. 
  • Export plugin for 3DS MAX. 
  • Export plugin for Maya. 

There will be more updates for modders in future releases of the game which is promising and two mods that Radoslav really likes is the Temples List Panel mod which adds a new UI panel to the campaign to list all owned capitals sorted by the temples you have built. The second one is the Respec Button mod where you can respec your characters skills, heroes and agents which costs you gold every time to use it.

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