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The epic conclusion to the Warhammer trilogy made by the Total War team comes to end this month. We've talked about some of the new factions and what to expect in regards to how the factions are situated and their circumstances. It's a complicated time in the Warhammer universe where Chaos threatens the lands and Ursan, the God-Bear for the Kislev faction is held prisoner by the first Daemon Prince Be'lakor. All of the factions need Ursan for one reason or another and he is critical in the first part of the game.

The storytelling aspect is fantastic, Games Workshop have left Creative Assembly to do their thing and tell the epic story and create an epic adventure for those playing the game, all whilst keeping to the lore. It's a fantastic achievement and with the success of Warhammer 1 and 2 why would they want to reign them in now?

Upon the games release I know I'll be starting with Kislev just because I love their roster of snow leopards, armoured bears, and of course the Ice Queen herself. The game continues to bring about roster developments and improvements, but also refinement in terms of how the units work together. For example the Grand Cathay faction utilises a Yin and Yang system to build a good mix of troops for combat effectiveness or watch the battle turn in favour of the enemy.

The campaign map features are similar to that seen in Warhammer 2 with the Eye of the Vortex. However, players are now more so in control of where they need to be and go, instead of having to rush to far parts of the map to achieve various things. In order to make progress in the campaign the faction you control will have to get the power required to defeat the Daemon Prince Be'lakor. In order to do this they'll have to beat a champion of every Chaos god. To find them they'll have to get to the rifts created by Ursan that can take you into the Realms of Chaos. But be careful, once these rifts open warriors of Chaos will storm out of them and carry on if you don't take appropriate action!

One element of Total War games that is being constantly developed is diplomacy. There are some changes and improvements such as regional trading whereby you cannot complete an entire province because an ally has taken a settlement within it. A huge problem before that I've always dealt with by conquering them but in Total War games it's always that simple as it has multiple other diplomatic repercussions with your kin allies. There is also an option to request factions who do not have military access or an alliance to get our of your land without incurring a penalty, there are other options to get them to leave as well. Outputs are also a new feature in the game allowing you to fortify your allies defences in their settlement within a shared province or recruiting troops from their roster. I think an output in an Empire settlement with Demigryph Knights is going to be one of my first moves if I can reach them as Kislev!

Multiplayer has also had a re-vamp. There is an eight player co-op now possible! We'll have to wait and see how that works but if the developers are putting that in it must have made the campaign playthrough a bit quicker than it was under previous games. There is also a post-launch plan that we have grown accustom to with previous Warhammer games. Lots of DLCs will be incoming and support for the game.

In conclusion, this is the Total War game they'll be talking about for a generation. Not only will it complete the series but there will be an epic end to a journey started many years ago capturing the imagination of all Total War fans, even the naysayers are now converted! The game has told the story of Warhammer in such a brilliant way, adding to the richness of the lore but also the Total War series. It has also added a lot to other Total War games released and without this successful experiment I don't think the games Creative Assembly have created since the release of the first Warhammer game would have been what they were. The richness of the story, the unit details, the RPG element of the game where you take your heroes through a journey is also a lovely touch they've put into these games. Immerse yourself again and you won't regret it.

I leave you with one of my favourite YouTubers and his preview of Kislev in the new game, sit back, relax and wait for the 18th February when Warhammer 3 immerses us into their world once more:

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