Total War: Warhammer III gameplay revealed in new trailer

By Digz 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The Total War team released a global gameplay reveal earlier in the week and it certainly will whet your appetite for the game which is looking to be released in late 2021. It brings about the next part of the saga which focuses on the East with Kislev and the Grand Cathay fighting against their own rivals but also those in the Realm of Chaos that are constantly looking to venture into the world. 

Kislev is the faction that stands guard and you can see in this gameplay reveal how they definitely cope better than other factions. Their units are strong, can withstand charges and can definitely fight back against anything that goes up against them. 

There is a new type of battle that is shown in this gameplay reveal, some more prominent RTS gamers amongst us will know them as "tower wars" but in this game, they are called Survival Battles. The new battle mode combines those tower war playstyle with a lot of management of your units and magical abilities to make sure you survive. Spend whatever you have to to keep alive but do it wisely. The team say you don't get a lot of these battles so it's not overwhelming and it doesn't change the game structure of your campaign but you will face these a few times so just be prepared. You'll, of course, be able to play them as the Chaos Gods too and with the lore, the Creative Assembly team have really stuck to it so I imagine the four Chaos factions to be at each other's throats, as well as Kislevs.

It's proving to be a promising game of not just looking at a different piece of Warhammer lore but also new elements to include within the game. The lore provides a fantastic baseline and foundation for the ultimate war, but we know the developers, we cover their games, and it looks like they're bringing the conclusion of this saga to demonstrate true total war.


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