Transform Fallout 4 with retro 90's graphics

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

There's no shortage of graphical enhancement mods for Fallout 4, but the new Revolted not only is the most impressive of these I've seen in some time, it actually makes the graphical quality of the game much worse - but in a really good way.

First Person Shooters (FPS) games really found their feet in the 1990's, with trailblazing titles such as Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake to name but a few. One thing these games all had in common though was a distinct graphical style, reflective of the computing power of the time. Pixelated textures, basic lighting, low polygon models and sprites gave these early shooters a certain charm that can often be missing from the genre in modern times.

Revolted replicates this look and feel perfectly, giving a truly nostalgic look to Fallout 4 - so much so, it does feel like a first person rendition of a classic Fallout title, and it does give the vibe of the earlier games.

It's not just the graphics that have been given a treatment, however; the voice acting has been updated with Resident Evil style bad voice acting, a common staple of 90's games, and the jokes are heavily set in the era, and mostly terrible. The soundtrack also has been refreshed, with a typical 90's FPS vibe.

Nuka Cola bottles are now health pickups, a typical game mechanic back in the day, as well as a requirement to find keycards to open in place of the lock picking mechanic, for example.

Even the mod's description fits the 90's theme perfectly.

Revolted (the future of gaming) has many features which include three dimensional graphics, mono sound, poly processing and next level artificial intelligence.

You can download the mod now over at the official Nexus page.

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