Transformers: Dark of the Moon Walkthrough

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Posted on June 11, 2011, Kevin Thielenhaus Transformers: Dark of the Moon Walkthrough

Summer is dawning, and that means that Michael Bay’s third Transformers blockbuster is only weeks away. What better time to release a Transformers: Dark of the Moon, to build fans excitement to a fever pitch? The previous Transformers game, War for Cybertron, was actually pretty amusing, which bodes well for this entry in the series. It was also difficult which means that we’re preparing a full walkthrough — check back on release day for the first updates.

As usual, we’re accompanying the walkthrough with lists of achievements, trophies, and cheats — three pages designed to maximize your enjoyment of the game.

Table of Contents

Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII

Chapter I

  1. Welcome to Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the video-game based on the major motion picture of the same name.
  2. As the stage starts, you’ll find yourself under the hood of Bumblebee. He comes equipped with a Plasma Cannon and a Submachine Gun in his Autobot form. Every Transformer you control comes equipped with unique weapons and abilities, so give them all a try early every chapter to get an idea of what every ‘bot is capable of.
  3. Achievement Unlocked: I know what I’m doing! (25G) – Change into vehicle form before reaching the change form tutorial in Chapter I. Just as the game starts, press down on the [Left Thumbstick] to change into your vehicle form and unlock this achievement.
  4. Let’s start with the basics, move toward the waypoint and follow the bend left to a closed gate. Jump over the human-sized gate with your enormous Autobot. Turn right and blast open the door marked on your waypoint in red – red waypoints are always destruction objectives.
  5. Into the town, you’ll find a low entrance into the warehouse. Click the [Left Thumbstick] to transform into Stealth Force Mode, this changes your Autobot into a nimble hovercar, small enough to fit through the short doors.
  6. While in Stealth Force Mode, you take more damage, move faster, and your weapons are more powerful. Sounds pretty great, right? You’ll have access to two separate weapons for use in this mode, but won’t have access to special abilities – except for Lock-On and Boost. We’ll cover those abilities later.
  7. Drive through the twisty warehouse until you encounter a wooden set of doors. Blast them with your enhanced Stealth Force Mode guns and drive on through. Another set of doors is blocking you around the bend, followed by a third set of doors. Shoot through them all to exit back into the town.
  8. The town is pretty big, but don’t bother exploring it yet. Move forward and turn left following the path to the outskirts of the town along the mountain wall. Turn right and drive straight up until you see the town exit.
  9. Switch to Stealth Force Mode if you haven’t already once you exit. The rolling hills outside of town are a perfect place to try out Driving Mode. Hold down [Left Trigger] while in Stealth Force Mode to activate Driving Mode – you’ll transform into a faster car that steers like a more traditional racing game. Left and right on the [Thumbstick] turn left and right instead of strafing.
  10. While in Driving Mode, you can use the Boost ability to give yourself some extra speed. Use Boost to speed through straight-aways and use the E-Brake to turn sharply, by tapping the [Right Trigger].
  11. The next waypoint will take you underneath an abandoned hacienda. Continue up the hills, you’ll have to jump over a destroyed bridge ahead. To jump the bridge, activate Drive Mode and use your Boost to gain speed, the ramp will send you right over the shattered bridge.
  12. After jumping the bridge, you’ll have a one minute and thirty seconds (1:30.00) to reach the satellite base on the summit of the mountain. Follow the winding path through the canyons while in Drive Mode, switch back to Stealth Force Mode if you have trouble with the turns. The time limit is fairly forgiving, just try to stay in Drive Mode and don’t crash too often.
  13. At the summit, enter the bunker in the back of the room and turn right. A waypoint will point out a weird object in the back, interact with it by holding down [X] to complete the objective. Leave the bunker for a quick cutscene introducing the Decepticon enemies’ arrival.
Two regular Decepticons will start shooting. Use the structures to your left and right as cover if you need it, otherwise just blast these two creeps. Three more enemies will jump into the arena and attack with small arms that barely scratch your health bar. When the enemies are all gone, interact with the closed gate by holding [X]. Bumblebee will vault over the gate and land near a waiting enemy. Try clicking the [Right Thumbstick] to melee attack the enemy, or click the [Left Button] to execute a special ability – in Bumblebee’s case, it’s the Melee Spin. Every Transformer has two special abilities; one is mapped to the [Left Button], the other is mapped to the [Right Button]. The left ability recharges every few seconds, use it to your heart’s content. The right ability only recharges when you collect Energon orbs from defeated enemies, so use the right ability sparingly. Drive down the mountain while in Stealth Force Mode until you encounter enemies shooting from abandoned buildings. Take this chance to click [Left Button] while in Stealth Force Mode to activate Lock-On. As long as you hold down [Left Button] you’ll stay locked-onto whatever enemy your reticule is closest too. Switch to the Rocket Launcher in Stealth Force Mode and wait for the auto-lock-on feature before firing rockets. Four lines will appear around an enemy before closing into a diamond shape, signifying that your rockets are locked-onto the target. Fire to instantly destroy these basic enemies. Towards the broken bridge are more Decepticons. Blast them with rockets, including the Decepticons across the bridge and waiting on the building to your right. Jump the bridge or just jump into the gully below – you’ll be able to drive up to the correct side either way. Down the hill, more Decepticons will shoot from their positions on the buildings above. Blast them both and the gate will lower – where even more Decepticons will pour out. You’ll want to stick to Stealth Force Mode, the rockets will darn your enemies fast and the increased armor will help while you have so little cover. A large group of Decepticons are scattered in the valley ahead. Optimus Prime will prompt you to try one of Bumblebee’s new abilities – the Orbital Beacon. This ability scans the area and marks any nearby enemies, allowing you to track them no matter where they happen to be. Use it here to get a good idea of what you’re facing. Destroy the Decepticons in the valley before continuing forward into town. Near the town gate, the doors will open and more Decepticons will engage you. Be prepared and destroy the machines. In town, you’ll need to track down and destroy three long-range transmitters marked on your HUD with green waypoints. Past the town gate, turn left and head down the hill. Decepticons will be waiting to guard the device, so make sure you’re free and clear before interacting with it. Look directly at the thing and hold down [X] to destroy the first transmitter. Another transmitter will be marked on your map, followed by a third. Weave through the buildings in town and fight through the Decepticons guarding the transmitters. Take your time and fall back if you’re damaged to give yourself time to repair. No surprises yet, at least. Destroying the third and last transmitter will summon lots of Decepticons to your area, including right behind you. Hide behind the building to your left and defeat as many as you can – don’t worry, after a few seconds, allies will arrive to help. After help arrives, your allies will continue to fight Decepticons as they run up the wooden ramp to the roofs. Follow them, destroying the many Decepticons that pour into the courtyard below. Keep an eye on cover and watch the white stucco building – that’s where the enemies will try to climb up and face you. If you’re so inclined, jump down and use Stealth Force Mode’s Rocket Launchers to massacre the invading robots. Wave after wave of enemies will enter the field, but they won’t stack up and their numbers are relatively light. Blast enough of the evil alien Transformers and a new enemy type will enter the area. Helicopters are nimble little flyers that shoot you from above over cover while making themselves tricky to shoot. The easiest way to take care of these pesky things is by changing to Stealth Force Mode and using the auto-lock-on feature of the Rocket Launcher to shoot them down before they land. Shoot down three waves of helicopter Decepticons to complete Chapter 1. Achievement Unlocked: Chapter I (25G) – Complete Chapter I on any difficulty.

Chapter II

  1. Finding yourself at the evacuation point in Detroit, take a minute to familiarize yourself with the Autobot this level – Ironhide.
  2. Ironhide comes equipped with a Shotgun and an Auto Cannon. The Shotgun is slow to fire but powerful at short-range, while the Auto Cannon is better for long-range fights against the Decepticons.
  3. Your Autobot is outfitted with two new abilities; Heavy Iron and Grenade Blossom. Heavy Iron is mapped to the [Left Button] and recharges automatically. When used, it equips Ironhide with a powerful heavy machine gun. Grenade Blossom are mapped to the [Right Button], so it only recharges when Energon shards are collected from defeated enemies. Grenade Blossom fires off several short-range bombs that track Decepticons and explode with serious force.
  4. Ironhide’s Stealth Force Mode is equipped with a machine gun and short-range explosive grenades.
  5. Run towards the waypoint for a short cutscene. Run through the ruined streets of Detroit (How can you tell the difference? Buzzing!) and look for a pile of wreckage leading up into a hollowed up structure. Enter inside and shoot the back wall, jumping back out onto the street.
  6. Follow the street into an alleyway where two Decepticons disguised as cars will transform and ambush you. Blast them with the handy Shotgun and continue onto the two-lane streets ahead. Turn right, as you walk past an abandoned truck, Decepticons will ambush you.
  7. This is a good place to try out Heavy Iron. The ability recharges quickly, so use it constantly. The weapon makes mincemeat out of Decepticons as long as you control your bursts of fire to keep it accurate.
  8. Nearing a white bus, a human will ask you to try out Grenade Blossom. Give it a try, the grenade will hover and seek out Decepticon targets on their own.
  9. More Decepticons will attack at the street’s end, but you need to turn towards the squat building to your left. Circling the building, more Decepticons will attack standing near an explosive gas container. Shoot it to blow up the Decepticons and the building nearby.
  10. Run through the wreckage of the building you just destroyed, you’ll reach a rooftop. Jump down to the streets below while looking left, shooting Decepticons on your way. Look left as you run towards a red truck trailer towards a bridge lined with buses.
  11. Fight the Decepticons, as you near the buses more Decepticons will ambush you from the bridge above. Take the ambushers out and use the red truck trailer as cover. Once these guys are defeated, a new Decepticon will enter the fight from behind.
  12. Turn around, a red warning will flash on-screen warning you of missile lock-on. The Missile Decepticon is a tricky opponent that launches homing rockets, while also taking loads more damage than your regular Decepticons. Use the Auto Cannon to shoot him from afar and hide behind cover to escape the brunt of his rocket barrage.
  13. Once the Missile Decepticon is defeated, use the destroyed building he was hiding in to move forward. Jump onto the overturned bus, then jump into the fallen wall to get inside. Jump up a level and interact with the cracked wall to smash through.
  14. Back on the streets, fight more pint-sized Decepticons. Turn left as you reach a nest checkpoint, more snack-sizers will bust out of the building ahead to attack you. Smash them and cross through the destroyed structure.
  15. Jump into the construction yard, blasting the Decepticons among the large pipes and shipping containers. A handful of Decepticons will shoot from a vantage point along the right ledge. Once they’re taken care of, more will jump into the arena from the left.
  16. Once that group is done, a huge new Decepticon will attack. These jumbo Decepticons use a massive minigun, so keep your distance and shoot at him with your Auto Cannon. Use the large hole in the building to run back up to the streets above.
Fight through the random Decepticons on the street until turning left into a large factory. Switch into Stealth Force Mode to drive under a fallen pipe and turn right. Down this lane are more Decepticons and a jumbo minigunner Decepticon to harass you. Don’t rush forward, make sure the rest of the Decepticons are defeated before taking on the big guy. After the cutscene, interact with the door. Tap [A] quickly to open the door, head up the path to the second floor and you’ll find yourself on a factory floor filled with Decepticons below and above you. Take your time and pick the enemies off before jumping down. Move forward through the turbines. At the end of the lane, on a platform up a ramp, two Missile Decepticons will attack. Find cover and shoot them both before entering a side room to the left. Drive up the ramps into a hallway filled with mini-Decepticons. Jumping down you’ll find the entrance back into the previous chamber you fought you way through – except you’re in the area previously inaccessible. Look left for a large door, but don’t enter it yet. On the other side are more Decepticons behind cover, one of which has himself a missile launcher. Use the doorway as cover and use the Auto Cannon to take out the Decepticons waiting on the catwalks. When you’re ready, jump into the room and clear it out. Use the ramp to reach the second floor and jump back outside. More Decepticons and mini-Decepticons will attack you in the yard. Drive through the large pipe while in Stealth Force Mode, where you’ll reach another yard infested with mini-Decepticons. Exit the area by driving through another pipe. Coming out outside the factory, drive back inside to find Mixmaster inside a large arena. Use the four pillars in the arena as cover and shoot down the Decepticons that jump down near Mixmaster’s perch. When enough of the Decepticons are defeated, Mixmaster will attack. Your weapons won’t even scratch Mixmaster’s shields. To defeat him, activate Heavy Iron with the [Left Button] and shoot both winches. Heavy Iron won’t last long enough to destroy both switches, so focus on one at a time. Right now, Mixmaster will simply move around with his shields raised and charge you. Sidestep his charges to escape, or switch to Stealth Force Mode to hover circles around the brute. Wait until Heavy Iron recharges and take out the second winch. With both winches destroyed, Mixmaster will drop. You’ll have to protect your ally Ratchet while enemies stream into the arena. Take cover using the pillars, and watch your HUD – it warns you which direction the next wave of enemies will attack. At the third wave of enemies, two missile Decepticons will appear. Take them out and Ratchet will be repaired. He’ll join the fight as even more Decepticons descend to hopelessly attempt to kill you. Ratchet is actually a useful ally, he’ll heal you in battle. The last of the Decepticons die and the exit door will activate. Interact with the door and mash [A] to open it. Drive down the lanes, fighting off the mini-Decepticons until you drop off into a train yard. The train yard is more of a challenge. Mini-Decepticons will swarm around you while regular Decepticons open fire from the ledges surrounding the yard. Stick close to Ratchet, he’ll heal you if you’re hurt, and use your Auto Cannon to pick off the last of the enemies from this initial encounter. Move forward to the stacks of pipes bundled on flatbed train cars. Look left, groups of Decepticons mixed with missile launcher and jumbo types will snipe at you down range. Use cover wisely and pick the enemies off with your Auto Cannon. When the yard is safe, a helicopter will stop by to drop a new weapon – the Heavy Iron 2.0, which fires powerful rockets while active. Two jumbo-Decepticons stand in your way before reaching the waypoint. This is as good a chance as any to use Heavy Iron 2.0. Clear the area and open another door requiring you to mash [A] after interacting with [X]. The path ahead leads into the last arena of this chapter. Entering the scrapyard fight the small army of Decepticons. After the initial group is taken care of, more will appear to your left combined with small Decepticon fighters. After the second wave, a third wave will appear to your right, composed of regular Decepticons. And last, two huge Decepticon giants will shoot down at you from the right side. Mixmaster makes his appearance once his lackeys are defeated. This arena has no cover, so use Stealth Force Mode when you aren’t using Heavy Iron 2.0 to shoot Mixmaster’s shields. Mixmaster’s shields have two health bars, representing the left and right sides respectively. You’ll probably need to use Heavy Iron 2.0 twice before destroying the shields, so aim carefully. Mixmaster’s main attack at this phase is to ground pound and charge. When Mixmaster jumps into the air, jump yourself to escape the shock wave as he lands. To dodge his charge attack, sidestep or switch to Stealth Force Mode where you can strafe him with a little extra speed. When you’ve destroyed Mixmaster’s shields using your special ability in Robot Mode, Heavy Iron 2.0,
you’ll be able to hurt the boss with your standard weapons. Mixmaster himself gains two new moves. He’ll stand in place and fire his energy cannon, this one can be tricky to dodge, you’ll need to back off and circle strafe without being too close. Mixmaster also will try to throw cars at you, I say “try” because this wimpy attack will barely hit you even if you stand still. The easiest way to defeat Mixmaster is to transform into Stealth Force Mode and circle-strafe while firing your machine guns at him while moving. When Mixmaster stops to attack, fire your grenade launcher to land several good hits. Keep strafing while pelting Mixmaster with grenades, and you’ll have this fight won in no time. Achievement Unlocked: Chapter II (25G) – Complete Chapter II on any difficulty.

Chapter III

  1. Mirage is your Autobot on this jungle stage. In Robot Mode he comes with a Submachine Gun and a Sniper Rifle. He can also switch on a Cloak ability that turns him invisible for a short period of time, and gives him a double damage bonus while attacking enemies while cloaked. One unique ability Mirage has is he can perform three melee strikes in a row, making him pretty effective against enemies.
  2. In Stealth Force Mode, Mirage is armed with an Assault Rifle and Rockets that lock-on. As the mission starts, you’ll want to turn on Stealth Force Mode.
  3. Follow the highway until Major Reynolds advises you to hurry to the tunnel down the road. Transform into vehicle mode and try not to get caught on the corners. Use boost for the straight-aways, when you come across a destroyed bridge, just boost. Don’t jump, just boost. Watch the first part of the Chapter III’s video walkthrough to see what I mean.
  4. Watch out for rock falls and logs blocking your path, otherwise avoid bumping into the walls and you’ll make it into the tunnel with time to spare.
  5. As you exit the tunnel, Starscream will fire on you. Continue down the road until you reach a town full of Decepticons. Remain in Stealth Force Mode to hide under the low buildings and pick off the Decepticons in town with rockets or your machine gun.
  6. There’s very little cover in town while in Robot Mode, so use Cloak and melee to dust off the last of the Decepticons. Sometimes a Decepticon or two will be waiting up the dirt road behind town, destroy them too to get a new waypoint.
  7. Jump off the ledge to the street below. Now just follow the road to chase Starscream, he’ll try to slow you down by dropping bombs that explode when you drive near. Shoot the bombs before driving past with your machine guns or rockets. There’s no time-limit, so stop and recharge if you’re hurt.
  8. Continue to chase Starscream until you drive over a bridge – triggering a cutscene. When you wake up from the crash, you won’t have access to weapons or Stealth Force Mode. That’s right, all you have is your melee attack and the Cloak ability.
Enter the caves ahead and jump your way through. Before long, you’ll exit the cavern into the jungle patrolled by Decepticon grunts. Remember, Mirage only has his melee attack and the Cloak ability. Turn on Cloak and attack the first Decepticon ahead. You’ll be able to hear two more Decepticons talking, save your Cloak until you’re near, then take out one of the two while your Cloak ability is active. Take out the second Decepticon while you’re visible. Press forward and keep your eyes left. Another Decepticon will be patrolling, along with two Missile Decepticons. The missile troopers are deadly to the weakly armored Mirage, so save your Cloak ability to take one or both of them out before retreating and recharging the cloak again. Mirage’s secondary ability is the Damage Booster. Activating the Damage Booster ability doubles all of Mirage’s damage for a short period, making it very useful at quickly defeating troublesome teams of Decepticons. Once the missile Decepticons are defeated, continue up the hill and jump off the cliff into a new area guarded by jumbo-Decepticons armed with miniguns. The big guys aren’t worth fighting, so use your Cloak to run past them whenever you can. Follow the left path up after passing the first of these giant Decepticons, a second is waiting – run by him while your Cloak is still active. Beyond these two is the first of the Decepticon commanders you need to destroy. Hide and wait for the Cloak to return. When Mirage is ready, activate the Cloak and move in for the kill. Take out the Commander first before dusting off the Decepticon grunt guarding him. Run through the dirt path leading to the second commander. A huge Decepticon is waiting near the corner, try not to touch him as you sneak by cloaked, otherwise he’ll notice you. If he does notice you, run forward to the stone path and hide – the big Decepticons won’t chase you. Follow the stone path right to the commander. Take him out with your Cloak active and finish off his guard to get the last of the access codes. A fast way back down to the locked door is just to jump down from the previous stone path. The Transformers door will now open into a temple. Jump up the steps, as you exit you’ll be faced with a new enemy type – the Decepticon dog. Decepticon dogs are dangerous melee opponents that are very tough to take down. They also periodically generate a red shock wave that will disrupt your Cloak ability. The Decepticon dogs are so tough, it’s recommended you just avoid them by running past while cloaked. Snipers watch for movement in the vicinity as well, if you’re spotted without your Cloak ability activated, they’ll start to shoot at you. Use the stone walls as cover before activating Cloak and making a break for it. Ahead, you’ll enter another ruin where the supply helicopter will be shot down. More snipers and a Decepticon dog patrol the area at the far end of the ruin. At the dead-end, look left for steps leading up. Jump up the steps and follow the ledge to another set of steps leading up to another level patrolled by a Decepticon dog. The dogs can’t chase you up steps, if you’re spotted, just jump you way to safety. Chase the path until it leads you to a stone walkway leading across the valley to the sniper’s posts. You can destroy the snipers here, or continue on your way. Entering more of the jungle, sidestep around the waiting Decepticon dog, using a cropping of trees to flank the dog. You’ll spot the crash site from here, but continue down the path, sneaking past yet another dog on your way to the crash. The crash site is guarded by two Decepticon grunts. Take them out with melee attacks and collect your supplies to regain access to your weapons and Stealth Force Mode. Move towards the waypoint and engage the enemies there – the moment you start shooting a cutscene will trigger. Bumblebee is your ally now, you’ll need him as you enter another ruin guarded by a Jumbo-Decepticon. Activate your Damage Boost ability and snipe the giant to defeat him – just watch out, the pillars are destructible. Moving on up the path, you’ll reach a cliff looking over another large ruin guarded by a gang of Decepticon grunts. Snipe them or jump down to clear the area personally, either method works! Bumblebee will lead you down a path and blast some rocks blocking your path. Enter the cave ahead, the path to the exit is completely uneventful. Outside the cave, you’ll be overlooking a Mayan pyramid. Jump down the rocks and take out the Decepticons scattered out front around the stone path. When the goons are dealt with, run up the steps and interact with the weird machine at the top of the pyramid. Activating the device will lock you inside a forcefield and summon a miniboss called Enforcer. He fights like any normal enemy, but he has a health bar. Circle strafe around the center pillar and whittle down his health bar with your Submachine Gun. Activate Damage Boost to dish out extra damage. Blue electricity sparks from the four pillars surrounding the central device – what this means for Mirage is that he can not transform into Stealth Force Mode, making the next sequence far more difficult. When Enforcer is defeated, another cutscene will play out introducing a third Autobot that will help you out in the ensuing ambush. Look around, Mirage is inside an inverted pyramid while Decepticons will stream in from above in random directions. This part is tricky, you can’t use Stealth Force Mode for extra protection here, and most of the fighting is close range. Use your Cloak and Damage Boost abilities liberally to fight back and avoid taking damage by strafing around the pillars inside the arena. The battle really gets difficult when missile Decepticons begin to attack. Otherwise, this sequence is an endurance test before your human allies arrive to bomb the area. The airstrike will arrive and clear the area of all hostiles, making room for you and your allies to move deeper into the ruins. Follow them up the steps and through the Transformers’ sized doorway. Bumblebee will leap up one level while you cover him from below. Run through the trench while shooting down any Decepticons in your path. Continue forward until Bumblebee is pinned down by snipers. The snipers are marked with red triangles, the easiest way to deal with them it to transform into Stealth Force Mode and use the rocket launchers to lock-on to the snipers. Blast both snipers to save Bumblebee, just be careful of the Decepticon dog as you leave the trenches. Entering the large arena ahead, focus on smashing the Decepticons. They’ll jump to the grass or shoot at you from the walkways above. Continue to fight them as Bumblebee circles the outer ridge of the arena until he reaches the exit door and opens it for Mirage. As the exit door opens, another Decepticon dog will jump out and attack. Blast him with Stealth Force missiles and he won’t be a problem. Back in the trenches, deal with the Decepticon grunts until Bumblebee is pinned down by more snipers. You know what to do, use the Stealth Force rockets to blow the snipers into scrap. Hang a turn left, then right to face off with missile Decepticons down the trench. Give them a taste of their own medicine and turn left. Ahead you’ll be shot at by two giant Decepticons while Bumblebee is pinned down by snipers. Take care of the giants first, keep your distance and pound them with rockets until they drop. With your biggest problems out-of-the-way, you can focus on shooting down the snipers overlooking the lane. A turn right and a final turn left will lead you to Starscream’s arena. Enter the area for a short cutscene before the battle begins. This fight is actually quite easier than the previous boss. Like all bosses, you’ll find yourself in an arena while the boss moves around and shoots. Starscream uses a machine gun and a rocket launcher to menace you, and will periodically fly away to let Decepticon grunts enter the arena. To avoid Starscream’s attacks, transform into Stealth Force Mode and strafe left or right. Lock-on to Starscream with the Stealth Force Rocket Launcher and keep hitting him while strafing. That’s all you need to do. Otherwise, destroy the Decepticon grunts before Starscream returns to give yourself a clean battlefield. Shoot the evil robot enough and you’ll complete the stage. Achievement Unlocked: Chapter III (25G) – Complete Chapter III on any difficulty.

Chapter IV

  1. Ditching Mirage, we’re playing as the Decepticons for a few chapters while the Autobots take a break. First up is a covert mission to a secret base using Soundwave.
  2. This vile robot comes equipped with a Sonic Cannon and an Assault Rifle. The Sonic Cannon is a charge weapon that is also useless, don’t bother trying to use it. In Stealth Force Mode, he brings an Assault Rifle and Grenade Launcher to the table.
  3. Soundwave’s special abilities aren’t exactly stellar – his rechargeable ability is called Ultrasonics, firing off a shock wave that knocks back and damages enemies in melee range. His secondary ability is Stun, which stuns nearby Autobots, giving you ample time to smash their worthless metal hides.
  4. Move through the jungle until you find an abandoned outpost. Scan the radio tower to complete an objective, followed by an Autobot ambush.
  5. The Autobots fight just like Decepticons, the only major difference is that they use Mirage-clones that try to attack you at close range with their armblades. Move ahead through the jungle until entering another large arena with two exits.
  6. Use one of the two exits, it doesn’t matter, both are protected by shield fences. To deactivate the shield, use Ultrasonics.
  7. Jump down into the base below. Autobots will pour into the valley from the cliffs to your left and right, switch to Stealth Force Mode if you feel open to attack and need to take cover. Once the ambush is defeated, scan the tower for more information on this secret base.
  8. After scanning the tower, turn around and move towards the next sonic fence. Melee Autobots and Missile Autobots will attack from the cliff overlooking the valley. Once again, use Ultrasonics to blast the sonic fence and run up the craggy path.
  9. Transform into Stealth Force Mode to drive under the low overhanging rocks. Turn left and look up the hill to be prepared for Rocket Autobots. Follow the path up and around to a hill guarded by lots of Autobot grunts, fighters, and rockets.
  10. Fight your way up the hill to another low overhang you’ll need to drive under. Coming out, you’ll reach a ledge looking down into a large rock canyon. Jump in and down through the cave before coming back into the jungle.
The jungle slopes up and around to a small abandoned outpost guarded by Autobot grunts. Shoot through them and use Ultrasonics to blow open the sonic fence. The path continues to a nice view of the ocean to your right. Don’t admire the view too long as you find your path blocked by logs. Blast them and drive into the waterfall valley, crossing to the outpost and scanning the tower. Scanning the tower will initiate an Autobot ambush. Hide using the tall rock to the left of the outpost and pick off the Autobots before entering the valley. A giant Autobot armed with a minigun will enter the fray, and open up the path ahead. The path ahead turns out to be a magma-filled lava flow. Transform into Vehicle Mode and boost over the rivers of lava, you’ll need to boost over four such rivers before entering an arena. The arena is cut in half by a stream of lava flowing into a narrow cave. That’s where you need to go, but before you do take out the Autobots as they engage you in the arena proper. When the action stops, carefully jump into the cave guarded by a Rocket Autobot. Jump from rock to rock between the lava until you’re stopped by a slowly sinking boulder. Wait for the boulder to sick, then use it as a stepping stone out of the cave. A short drive later you’ll be in the jungle, and not long after that you’ll be in a large cavern filled with Autobots. The Autobots won’t stop you, but the sealed bunker doors will. Shoot the two turrets guarding the Nest blast door to complete the objective – now you’ll play a significant portion of the level as Laserbeak. Laserbeak works like a hovering Stealth Force Mode transformer, you can ascend with [A] and descent with [B]. The bot is armed with two unique abilities, but both are melee and dangerous to pull off. He comes equipped with only one weapon – a very accurate Assault Rifle. The flying UAV transformer is vulnerable to the larger Autobots, so play carefully and stick near cover while playing as Laserbeak. Let’s get started already! First of all, scan the computer console next to the door overlooking the bunker doors. Fly through the halls by holding down [Left Trigger] until you reach a storage area. A box is highlighted on the ground; that’s a holographic object. Use it to transform into it and hide. While hiding, you can fire stun blasts, and as you exit the holographic interface Laserbeak will do double damage for several seconds. Use the holographic object to defeat the first Autobot as the door opens. Exit the area through the hallway until reaching another console. Scan it and fly into a larger chamber patrolled by Autobots. Fly to the far side to find a holographic object. Zap both Autobots before scanning the console. Fly down the hall into a human-size series of rooms. Continue and fly through the red lasers to find a computer to scan. Beyond the computer is an exit through the back of the room. Exiting the computer room and flying into a lounge with four red sofas, you’ll be ambushed by two Autobots. Laserbeak has no cover, so use the holographic object nearby to stun both Autobots and take them out. With the room clear, scan the computer console to enter the door. Enter the open door and scan the computer as you pass into a large computer bank guarded by a new enemy – flying drones. The drones are tricky to hit and powerful, but otherwise they won’t cause you many problems. Fly through the door and out the hall towards another laser fence. The center laser fence will flicker, fly through as it shuts down. You’ll have to deal with one turret at the far end of the chamber, it won’t move, so blast it to bits. Entering the large chamber, look up to find a pathway on the second level. Fly through the second level hallway until you reach a room labeled “Power Facility 05”. This room is filled to the brim with Autobots, so play it safe. Fly high to avoid being spotted, you can reach the computer console marked by a waypoint. Scan the computer, then defeat the guards patrolling the area. Fly to the back wall of the room to find a holographic object. Use it and zap as many Autobots as you can before shooting them down. You won’t be able to defeat them all, so retreat and hide around the large turbines. Aim for the head while shooting, Laserbeak is perfectly accurate. With all the Autobots turned to scrap, scan the computer on your waypoint and fly through yet another long hallway. Entering a human-size room, scan a computer on the desk to lower a red laser field blocking your exit. Through the red lasers, two Autobots will try to take you down. Destroy them instead and fly through the warehouse to another console. Scan the console and shoot down the three Autobots waiting around the many turbines in this large red power chamber. Scan the computer above the generator, then scan yet another console to open the door into a winding hallway. Through the hallway, you’ll enter a computer bank protected by two turrets. Blast the turrets and scan the computer to open the doors out. Fly through another hall and onto a road leading into a circular room featuring a spinning laser. The turning laser grid is easy to dodges, take care of the Autobots so you don’t accidentally lose track of the lasers. Fly ahead and towards the wide road leading into another narrow hallway. Eventually Laserbeak will enter a dark room covered in tables and chairs guarded by Autobots. Blast the two and scan the computer ahead. Not so far ahead is another computer to scan, and another hallway to fly through. The last lava control console is in the blue hued chamber ahead. Rocket Autobots will make your life difficult, look on the balconies surrounding the main chamber to Autobots before you try to scan the lava control computer. After scanning the computer, drones will fly in. Take cover and wait for the drones to close in before targeting and blasting the hard-to-hit drones. Stay near cover, the drones can easily kill you if you’re caught in the open. Take off for the open door and fly in to scan your very last computer as Laserbeak. Control changes to Soundwave as the doors into the bunker open. Autobots don’t like that one bit, but your Assault Rifle says otherwise. Now you fight through the same rooms you just went through as Laserbeak, this time with Soundwave. Fight into a chamber with two exits, a swarm of melee Autobots will rush you. To easily take care of these guys, activate Stun as they close in. After the first group is defeated, the door to the right of the entrance marked “4” will open and two missile Autobots will step outside. Fighting through the hallway, more Autobots will try to stop you. The first volcanic stabilizer is guarded by a gang of Autobots armed with rockers and a minigun. Destroy them all before using Ultrasonics to blast open the shield surrounding the stabilizer. With the shield blown off, shoot the exposed red gears underneath. The first volcanic stabilizer is destroyed, exit the room through one of the two doors near the stabilizer. Push through the halls until you find an open door overlooking a shipping room. Blast the Autobots inside and enter the door labeled “2”. The “2” doors lead into a large red turbine chamber where pipes slam shut to block your path. Transform into Stealth Force Mode and drive through the pipes as the open. The hallway ahead leads to a view of the lava. Rounding the corner you’ll be attacked by two melee Autobots and a commander before reaching another lava window. Shoot through the Autobots until you enter the second turbine chamber where a volcanic stabilizer is located. Inside the red hued room, jump over the opening pipe to the right and fight off the Autobots. Activate Ultrasonics to blow open the barrier and shoot the exposed gears. Navigate the remaining closing pipes and shoot down the last Autobots as you leave. The next big challenge comes in a circular room protected by moving teal lasers. Carefully navigate through them, you’ll have to deal with more lasers soon. The next objective leads you to a computer – interact with the computer to spring an Autobot trap. Teal lasers will lock you into the center of the room as Autobots attack from all sides. Shoot down the incoming Autobots, if you need to take cover transform into Stealth Force Mode where the low walls will protect you from Autobot fire. Take out enough Autobots and Laserbeak will lower the lasers. Continue down the turning hallway into the coolant room, where you’ll find the last of the stabilizers. Before dealing with stabilizer, you’ll have to stop the flow of coolant into the room by interacting with two consoles. Don’t just rush for the consoles, the Autobots will kill you quickly while you’re surrounded. Take cover in the red chamber in the center of the room and carefully pick off the Autobots that have you surrounded. Be especially careful with the rocket Autobots. When everything looks clear, interact with both consoles. The coolant flow has stopped. Now use the Ultrasonics ability on the stabilizer to knock off the barriers and shoot the gears inside. Your job isn’t over just yet. Walk to the opposite side of the room and jump on the crates. Autobots will stream in through the doors here and attack, a quick Stun blast will stop the new enemies in their tracks. After having successfully defeated another wave of Autobots, interact with the computer marked on your HUD. Winches will pull the plugs on both of the coolant pools and drain them. Jump into either o
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