Trio of SEGA Games Join Virtual Console

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Posted on December 15, 2007, Stephany Trio of SEGA Games Join Virtual Console

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A trio of SEGA titles have hit the Wii Virtual Console recently and for fans of the original games Sonic 3D Blast, Ecco Jr., and Alien Soldier can rejoice. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these titles, I have provided some more information on them below.

sonic 3d blastSonic 3D Blast (1996): The evil Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr. Robotnik) stumbles upon an alternate dimension where some odd birds called Flickies have the ability to travel anywhere. In order to get help in his search for the Chaos Emeralds, Dr. Eggman transforms the Flickies into robots that will help him track down his coveted gems. Of course, it’s up to our favorite blue hedgehog Sonic to step in and save the day!. Jump into this 3D adventure as Sonic or his buddy Tails, and collect the golden rings to help free the Flickies and defeat the Doctor.

alien soldierAlien Soldier (1995): As Epsilon-Eagle, you are an alien soldier that has been genetically engineered to produce maximum intelligence and strength. You were once a member of the criminal organization Scarlet, but when you decide to break from the group, you are forced into a showdown with Scarlet’s new leader Xi-Tiger, who kills a hostage in his attempt to destroy you. Now it’s up to you to take revenge against the bad guys in this side-scrolling action game. Choose from six different weapons and battle the bosses of Scarlet until you reach the final confrontation with the ultimate secret weapon.

ecco jrEcco Jr. (1995): The aquatic adventures of Ecco come to life for a younger generation of gamers. Perfect for kids, Ecco Jr. finds our young hero heading out to sea with a variety of tasks he must perform in order to get there. Along with his friends, Tara the baby orca and Kitnee the young Atlantic dolphin, Ecco Jr. will interact with sea lions, seahorses and other aquatic life as he makes his journey to the Big Blue.

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