Tron: Evolution Abraxas Shards

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Posted on December 15, 2010, Ben Richardson Tron: Evolution Abraxas Shards

Abraxas is the evil bogeyman of Tron, and he’s defeated in battle before the events of Tron: Evolution. When that happens, his disc breaks into six pieces, which are scattered throughout the gameworld. As you play through the title, you’ll be rewarded for tracking them all down, and you can listen to the audio fragments they contain to learn more about the game‘s mythology. The list of shards lies below.

Chapter 1: Reboot (25XP) – Energy Feed Substation 12 – In the third Infected room, on the way out after defeating the Infected programs.

Chapter 2: Shutdown (100XP) – Stack 29 – Local Archives – In the first Puzzle Room. After you hit the final switch, wait before crossing the bridge. Climb the stairs and wall-run across a piece of transparent glass to find the shard.

Chapter 3: Arjia (150XP) – Arjia Master Archives – On a platform to the left of the exit.

Chapter 4: Identification, Friend or Foe (250XP) – Depot (K Deck) – Behind a destructible wall. After you fight off the Bostrumites and Infected programs, use a Bomb Blast attack on the nearby wall.

Chapter 5: Identification, Friend or Foe (250XP) – Energy Test Excavation Site – Behind a pillar on a platform during the fight with Gibson. You’ll need to jump toward the pillar and do a vertical wall run to get it.

Chapter 6: The Approach (350XP) – Integration Chamber – High above the chamber during the fight with Abraxas. When the cutscene ends, sprint across the platform to the vertical ETC on the other side of the room. When you get to the top, jump toward the middle of the room and activate your Mag disc, which will grapple you upward toward the top of the chamber, where the shard is located.

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