TRON: Evolution Walkthrough

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Posted on December 3, 2010, John Bardinelli TRON: Evolution Walkthrough

The people who made TRON: Evolution had it pretty easy — the basic elements of their video game had already been designed for them by the people who made the movies. That doesn’t mean, though, that the game is bad, or without its challenges.

Combining hi-octane 3rd-person action with RPG elements and futuristic racing, the game also features a robust multiplayer mode that will bring the most exciting sequences in the movies to life.

Use this walkthrough to navigate the trickiest elements of the singleplayer campaign. You can see lists of trophies and achievements. We’ll also have cheats and unlockables available next week.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Reboot

  1. Follow NAVI BIT to meet Tron at the elevator.
  2. Keep following the blue lights to stay behind Quorra, learning your parkour-esque moves along the way.
  3. You’ll encounter a few baddies up ahead. Use both melee and disc attacks to get rid of them, then continue to the installation ceremony.
  4. Abraxas attacks! Perform the on-screen combos to send him to the platform above, and take care of the minions in-between. When all is finished, head to the disc station to check out your upgrades.

Switch on NAVI BIT to see where you need to go, then follow the trail down the corridor and around the wall. Run across the ETC to open the door, then fight the infected daemons. Follow the trail around the wall to find an Abraxas disc shard. Leave through the upper door. The next room has a corrupted ETC column. Get to the center platform and activate the energy spot to clear it, then exit through the door nearby. Hop down and activate the two corrupted energy points in the next room, then press onward. Your next objective: clear the area of all enemies. Run through each room talking out the soldiers as best you can. Try to preserve your health by using blocks and frequent jumps. Use parry attacks to take out the red scout sentries.

You’ll receive the mag Disc in the next room. Use it to follow Quorrn. A load of sentry enemies attacks. Use power shots to get rid of them. Use a combination of mag Disc grapples and jumps to work your way up and out of the room. Grapple across the small chasm and hit the disc station! Use some clever acrobatics to work your way to the room with more of Clu’s sentries. Take them out, and use power slams to take care of the heavy sentries. Use grip points to move around the pillars. Take out the heavy sentries as efficiently as you can, then meet up with Quorra in the bar. Light cycle time! Focus on driving and keeping up your speed, especially in the first and third chunks of the race. Be prepared to die several times.

Chapter 2: Shutdown

  1. Take out the first few groups of enemies, then vault up the wall to the right.
  2. Run along the glowing billboard and mag grapple across to the disc station.
  3. In the local archives room, hit the red switches to create a bridge to the far door.
Climb up and around to reach a mag grapple point, then swing up to the next area. Run towards the firing tank and leap across the gaps it creates. Zig zag your way across the next area. When the building begins to fall, run to the left and grapple across the chasm. Enter the vehicle router station. Take out the tank and climb up to activate the energy points. Tank time! Don’t rush this next area, as it’s better to take it slow, be thorough, and obliterate enemies from afar. Reserve the energy points for when you really need them, and don’t forget to shoot the foot soldiers. When you’re back on foot, dispatch the heavy soldiers and follow the path out. Watch the blue beam as you work through the next corridor to the master line control room. Inside, hit all the red switches and climb through the center opening. A grenade variant attacks. Stay on the move and keep hitting him with strong disc attacks.

Chapter 3: Arija

  1. Follow Quorrn to the control room.
  2. Climb and grapple around the open area to the large bay doors.
  3. Inside Arija, make your way to the big mag point. Wait for the bridge to straighten out, then swing across.
  4. When you reach the building where the people flee, defeat the soldiers, then cross through the door that opens.
  5. More high-flying acrobatics. Time your jumps through the electric barriers and continue moving forwards and up.
  6. Some more soldiers attack in the communal assembly. Take them out and head through the bay doors.
Grapple across and climb up to the conduit hub. Jump through the beam barriers and defeat the soldiers in the next room. A light staff parry soldier appears. Use bomb attacks to finish him quickly. Normal discs are usually ineffective. Head through the door when the battle ends. Back to the plaza for another round of battle. Afterwards, grapple up and swing your way to the theater. Activate the energy points and grapple up. Beat a hasty retreat when things start to crumble, climbing on top of the platform in the center of the tower. Defeat the soldiers that land and vault across the chasm. Book it to the master archives room. Run along the etc panels to activate all the switches, then head out the door.

Do some more grappling to reach the cooling tower. Clear out the baddies and grapple through to the next area. Another tank section. Shoot the ships as they land. Work fast and the battle will be quick!

Chapter 4: The Combatant

  1. The first chunk of this chapter takes place on the light cycle. Keep your speed up to make the jumps, but don’t hesitate to slow it down if your health runs low. There’s a lot to avoid in this stretch.
  2. When you reach the game grid, take out the enemies on the first platform and a mag point will appear.
  3. Hit the switch to start the drill. Explore the rest of the area to locate and activate the other three switches.
Time to find Gibson. Grapple around the room to reach the disc station platform, then climb through the gap there. Survive each game grid battle in turn.

Chapter 5: Identification, Friend or Foe

  1. Head inside the main building and go right.
  2. Use a bomb disc to topple the pillar, then run across.
  3. In the central lobby, work your way around the room and hit the floating switch.
Use the stasis disc to deal with the infected that attack in the next room. Activate the energy point to open the door above. Use the mag points to reach the opposite side of the pillar. Hit the switch there. Clear the infected out of the next room, then use the bomb disc on the blue panel. Make your way around the rocks, timing your movements with the vanishing blocks. Clear the infected from the platform above, then run along the panels that appear. In the command operation cache, move around the room to hit the four switches. Hit the horizontal one last, then clear the enemies to open the door. Run across the bridge before it vanishes. Keep running into the camera to avoid Abraxas. In the reactor room, move fast to activate the two green energy points on the floor. Then, climb up and around the pillars to reach the third energy point. Katana variants attack. Use your new corruption disc to clear them out. Another light cycle segment. Keep your speed low this time, avoiding the chaos ahead. Only hit the accelerator when you see a ramp. Boss fight: Infected Gibson When Gibson first attacks, keep your distance. Eventually he’ll turn green and beg you to end it. Attack him with your disc now. The next phase involves corrupted panels. Target and destroy them when they’re marked with a chevron symbol. Avoid the sizzling infected soldiers that spawn, and clear the rest of the soldiers when Gibson is on the move. The final phase is all about combat. Gibson is vulnerable, so don’t hold back. Block while rolling to avoid his attacks. After the battle, climb out of the cave. You’ll reach a room with switches and soldiers. Hit all for switches to exit. You’ll find a light cycle with some guards. Get rid of them, then hop on. This area is all about speed. Keep the accelerator pressed and, as a general rule, hug the left side of the track.

Chapter 6: The Approach

  1. Head into the big room ahead. As quickly as you can, climb up and hide by the walls to avoid the tanks.
  2. From here, you can circle the room and hop on top of one of the tanks. You can safely use melee attacks from here until each tank is destroyed.
  3. Fight your way along the streets, taking out ships as quickly as you can.
  4. When you reach the base, circle the pillar and hit the switches fast. Don’t worry about the tanks.
  5. Keep fighting and you’ll reach the Hub.
Clear out both waves of enemies, then press on. Abraxas attacks. His first form is simple enough. Any attack deals damage, but wait for him to perform his ground slam, then move in and use a stasis disc. The second form is a bit more complex. Watch the floor where blue sparks seem to gather. Lure Abraxas to these spots and keep him there until debris falls on him.

Chapter 7: End of Line

  1. Make your way through the rock passageways until you reach two shielded soldiers. Take them out to gain access to the handhold above.
  2. Clear the next group of soldiers to move the barrier.
  3. Run across the jump ramp to leap onto a passing ship.
  4. On the freighter, kill the first group of enemies to create a bridge to the other side.
  5. Keep making your way along the small platforms until you reach the disc station. Upgrade anything you need, and swing across using the mag point.
Destroy all the enemies in the control center, then cross the bridge. Take out some more enemies, activate the energy points, and hop on the elevator. From above, leap down and walk on the conveyor belts below. Follow them out and to the left, then hop down to the platform of enemies. Clear the soldiers away and climb around the red handholds. When you reach the mag point, run up the wall from the handhold, then jump and latch onto it. Hop back on to the conveyor belt and follow it to the far wall, veering left. Defeat the enemies inside the bomb bay to proceed. Climb down in the cooling alcove and cross the corridor by running along the walls, timing your moves to avoid the jets of steam. Drop down in the bomb distribution room and clear out the enemies there. Activate both energy points, then blow up the crate with the bomb disc. Hop through the crater. The light cycle appears. Keep your speed up to make the jumps in this area. Climb into the opening to find Quorra. Grenade variants attack. Keep moving, as they’re pretty fast with their bombs. Try to isolate them on the center platform and pick them off one by one. Bomb discs work well. After the grenades come the light staff foes. Use stasis discs to make quick work of them. Finally, sword soldiers. Corruption works well against them.

Boss battle: Abraxas

  1. Abraxas decides to be annoying and attach himself to a power cylinder. Toss a bomb disc at it to sever the connection.
  2. Activate the energy points when they appear. Wait for Abraxas to stand on the center platform before hitting the final one.
  3. Repeat the process until Abraxas goes nuts and attaches to the center pillar. Toss a bomb disc at it to do him in for good.
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