Tropico 4: Modern Times Walkthrough

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Posted on April 4, 2012, Jim Moreno Tropico 4: Modern Times Walkthrough

Dictatorship is still going strong in our modern age, and you can simulate the experience of ruling a nation with an iron fist in Tropico 4: Modern Times. El Presidente’s regime in the island nation of Tropico has survived the Cold War intact, but problems never cease. Underground forces have invaded your idyllic island, and it’s up to you and your army to crush rebellion and keep your own customized dictator in power as long as possible. Take off into space, build skyscrapers, and get involved in international intrigue with this expansion pack to the world’s greatest banana republic simulator.

For a deep look into the vanilla version of Tropico 4, check out our massive text walkthrough, or take a ride with the State Police to the cheats page.

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Generalissimo’s Tips

These strategy tips are meant for each mission.

  • At the start of every mission, quickly Pause the game and look over your island at your leisure.
  • Locate the Docks! Much of the process of building your city is done best when timed with the arrival of Freighters, so keep an eye on their location at all times.
  • Build at least two Docks in every mission, especially when you have a solid industrial base in place. This will increase your exports, thereby increasing your profits, at a quicker pace.
  • Make full use of the Overlays, especially in regards to the future and current planning of where best to build Farms, Ranches, Mines, and Roads.
  • Ore deposits can have at least two mining buildings placed on them (at least until the Borehole Mine becomes available), helping to speed up the process. This works for all except salt and oil.
  • Borehole Mines will draw on whatever ore they are placed over, including multiple ores. When possible, position them so that they cover more than one ore.
  • Farms should be built as close to your housing as possible, and near Roads. This is not mandatory, but doing so allows the Teamsters to distribute food quicker, and also lets workers get to and from work easier.
  • Make use of Presidente! His or her visits to places will increase their construction speed, service quality, or production quality for at least six months.
  • Thoroughly read the Almanac reports at the end of each year, and often during the year.
  • Time construction projects and foreign hires with the arrival of foreign aid money at the start of each year.
  • Remember these two rules for food: 1) build one Farm for every 50 Tropicans, 2) the wider variety of foods available, the higher the Food Quality rating, which contributes to a better Overall Happiness rating.
  • Don’t forget to use Trees, Gardens, Fountains, and Statues to fill in open spaces between buildings. They do a lot for keeping the Naturalists happy, and Overall Happiness in the positive.

Penultimo’s Primary Pointers
In each mission, there will be a set of primary tasks to accomplish successfully in order to advance to the next one. A number of secondary and optional tasks will also appear, mostly by way of exclamation marks (!) over buildings they relate to. This walkthrough will focus on the primary tasks, of course, and will also list other important tasks that help assist the primary tasks. Note that not every task will be listed here, due to the randomness of Tropico’s RTS gameplay.

Custom Avatar
Tropico 4 Modern Times has eighteen historical avatars to choose from, with another option allowing for you to create your own Custom Avatar. Avatars have three Bio sections that influence each mission: Background, Rise to Power, and Traits. Traits are special choices in that they gain experience the longer your avatar has them, thereby increasing their benefits. This walkthrough uses the Custom Avatar, and will change the Bio options at the start of each mission to better suit that mission.

Table of Contents
Tropico 4 Modern Times Walkthrough
State of Emergency
The Hiccups
The Truth is Out There
The Shakes
Countdown to Oblivion
Keep Calm and Carry On
War on Terror
Presidente vs Zombies

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