Turn Dark Souls 3 into an all-new experience

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

There's no denying that fans of Dark Souls 3 are a colorful bunch. When they're not coming up with new and inventive ways to kill each other, they're taking on crazy challenges to complete the game without taking a single hit.

For those looking to complete the game again, however, comes a rather surprising first person view mod for the PC version, which manages to change the entire feel for the game.

While the mod takes some getting used to, and there is definite room for improvement (seeing disembodied hands, for example) - the overall experience is quite a tight one and works surprisingly well. It makes the already notoriously difficult game much more intimate, and, pleasingly, if not somewhat twistedly, harder.

Iron Pinapple, a popular Dark Souls lets-player, has created a video showing off the mod.

More information about the mod can be found on this Reddit page.

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