Turn Fallout 4 into a horror movie experience

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 10 months ago

Fallout 4 definitely has a good atmospheric quality that can be considered eerie, but it's never really been considered a full-on horror game. This mod turns that on it's head by turning the game into a fully fledged horror movie, complete with masked killer!

Pilgrim - Dread The Commonwealth aims to turn the game into a horror film, and includes all the little details that add to the effect, such as optional film grain and letterbox effects, a special handheld camera mode that gives the game a real Blair Witch feel, and special ENB effects that give the game a dark and desaturated look.

Inspired by the film The Witch, the mod includes many great touches of detail, such as replacing Dogmeat with the evil goat, or at least, to re-texture him to look similar to the evil goat. Dogmeat's audio has also been adjusted to give him a slightly more creepy edge. The mod also includes an entirely new soundtrack, which is tied to the (always glum) weather, which adds tension and suspense. 

Be aware that this mod does not run well on lower-end systems, but most features can be toggled so that you can find the right balance for your rig. Additionally, Far Habour and Nuka-World do not have the new custom weather yet, but these will be encompassed in a future update.

You can grab the mod now over at Nexus Mods.

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