Twisted Metal Fans Expecting an Epic Single Player Experience May Want to Rent Instead of Buy

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Posted on January 8, 2012, David Moss Twisted Metal Fans Expecting an Epic Single Player Experience May Want to Rent Instead of Buy

It took some guts to say what David Jaffe did about the upcoming Twisted Metal‘s single player campaign. Over the weekend he tweeted: “if you go in expecting a campaign the likes of BATMAN:ARKHAM CITY, SKYRIM, GEARS OF WAR, KILLZONE 3, etc…you will be sorely dissapointed.” Jaffe went on to suggest that players looking for an epic single player experience might want to rent the game rather than buy. So was Mr. Jaffe hammered when he suggested that Eat Sleep Play’s upcoming TM campaign might not live up to some of the other AAA titles out there? I doubt it. David was merely launching a preemptive strike against the inevitable internet tirade that will surely rain down upon him after the game’s release.

Why the tirade? It’s not because the game will be lacking in quality. I’ve played the multiplayer and it’s truly a thing of beauty. But historically, Twisted Metal has put an emphasis on the campaign over multiplayer death-match style play. The fun was in completing the campaign with different characters and unlocking their story and ending. The split screen co-op was fun, but you were still essentially playing the campaign.

The new Twisted Metal will focus much more intensely on online team battles. It will have unique new modes like the nuke battle and last man standing. And it will have vehicles like the juggernaut and helicopter that were designed specifically for team-based tactics. This is going to upset some players, especially since the game’s story mode will probably only have three or four characters to choose from. I can already see the angry tweets directed at David Jaffe “what do you mean I can’t play as Mr. Slam! He was the best Twisted Metal 2 character ever! This game is garbage!”

David Jaffe’s tweet was meant to save players like this some disappointment by suggesting a rental, rather than full out purchase of the new Twisted Metal. I commend him on his honesty. The fact of the matter is that this game will be more akin to Modern Warfare 3 than Uncharted 3, at least in terms of the time developers put into single player versus time they put into multiplayer.

Will this shift toward multiplayer be successful? Time will tell. The great thing about living in the age of DLC is that there’s always a chance Eat Sleep Play can make campaigns for additional characters available via download. Of course, players may not want to pay for something they feel should come included with the purchase of the game. As for me, I’m still excited for the new Twisted Metal. I’ve always wished for a Twisted Metal game with a finely tuned multiplayer experience. If the campaign suffers a bit in the creation of that game, well that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

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