Twisted Metal Producers Talk about Live Action, Team Multiplayer and More

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Posted on April 14, 2011, David Moss Twisted Metal Producers Talk about Live Action, Team Multiplayer and More

I didn’t think much about the ominous costumes behind the glass cases at Sony’s Twisted Metal Demo event on April 13. They were definitely cool, but I just considered them set dressing. They had a replica of Sweet Tooth’s Ice Cream Truck in the middle of the studio as well, so I just thought they were trying to set the mood. But then Chad Cox (pictured above) casually mentioned that they were actual costumes from live action scenes in the new game. “Oh yeah,” he said casually. “We’ve got about 45 minutes of footage in the can.” Of course, that’s including multiple takes and there’s no telling how much actual live action footage will be in the game and how much will end up on the cutting room floor, but it’s still pretty big news. I was a big fan of the creepy motion comics that came at the end of Twisted Metal: Black. Attempting to unlock all the endings is what kept me coming back. I can’t wait to see what they do with live action.

The producers were tight lipped when it came to single player details. When asked how many characters there were in single player Zack Wood said, “A lot of the classic Twisted Metal characters are back and we’re going to tell their stories in greater detail.” This excited me and I demanded that I be allowed to play all of the single player campaigns immediately. Unfortunately this was not to be, as there were only multiplayer games at the event. Zack explained that “This Twisted Metal is really much more multiplayer-centric.” To that end they’ve created some really awesome multiplayer modes. Fellow Gamefront staffer Ross got to play 3 of the new multiplayer modes and you can read about his experience with the game here.

The multiplayer modes were all team based, with each team playing as a different gang. Chad tells us: “There are four gangs: the Clowns, the Dolls, the Holy Men and the Skulls.” Each gang follows one of the Twisted Metal Characters. The Clowns follow Sweet Tooth, of course. The Holy Men follow Preacher. The Dolls follow Dollface and the Skulls follow Mr. Grim. The modes that have been revealed so far are standard Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, and their newest creation “Nuke.” Chad says that “Nuke is more of our tactical game mode. It really adds another layer to Twisted Metal Multiplayer. It’s like a twisted version of capture the flag.”

In addition to new game modes there are also some great new weapons. Asked what his favorite was, Chad didn’t hesitate “I really like the sniper rifle. It’s our first ever one-hit-kill weapon.” Now hang on kids, it doesn’t work quite like you think it does. You can’t just move your crosshairs onto an enemy’s head and pull the trigger. You have to stay “locked on” to an opponent for an extended period of time for the sniper rifle to be effective. The longer you stay locked onto an enemy, the more damage the sniper round will do. And if you keep them in your sights long enough, your character will perform a headshot that instantly eliminates the target.

Lastly, I asked Chad if there would be any way to progress in the multiplayer game. Since Call of Duty introduced experience point based unlockables, many games have followed suit. “There are unlocks as you gain experience, so rest assured you will be rewarded for playing a lot online.” No one would tell me how many experience points I need to unlock Minion, or even if he’s in the game. My heart tells me he is though. He’s out there waiting for me to help him lay waste to countless trash talking 13 year olds.

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