Twitter Predicts The Next Two Valve Announcements

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Posted on September 24, 2013, Devin Connors Twitter Predicts The Next Two Valve Announcements

Most of the Internet’s Valve announcement predictions came in before yesterday’s SteamOS reveal, but that isn’t stopping the Megaverse Twitterverse from devolving into a Half-Life 3-fueled, Portal gun-toting  sewing circle. The popular guesses seem to be SteamBox Wednesday and Half-Life 3 Friday, but other games (Left 4 Dead 3, Team Fortress 3) popped up in earlier predictions, too.

Some sort of hardware announcement is definitely coming tomorrow. While patents recently filed by Valve suggest it could be something home-grown and sold by the publisher, there’s a chance it could merely be a set of hardware guidelines, similar to how Intel dictates what is and what isn’t an Ultrabook. The guidelines in this reveal could be accompanied by several vendors (Asus, MSi, Zotac, etc.) revealing their takes on a SteamBox. Companies like Logic Supply are releasing new takes on the small form factor this week, like a new take on Intel’s NUC platform. Could it be an early look at a SteamBox? We’ll find out tomorrow!

It could also be a combination of the aforementioned strategies, similar to how Microsoft has its own tablet hardware to compliment OEM offerings. Valve could ship a branded SteamBox, while working closely with key hardware vendors on their own SteamOS-friendly hardware SKUs.

Here are a few choice announcement predictions — I tried to keep it to recent predictions, as many were made before the SteamOS announcement on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Predictions for the next 2 announcements: HL3 and Steambox.

— jon jenne (@dwebtron) September 24, 2013

Towing the popular line…

Predictions for valve ‘s next 2 announcements? Steam Box and a controller? @steam_games — Luke Lafreniere (@SlickPC) September 23, 2013

I think a new controller would be lumped in with a console/PC reveal. It wouldn’t get its own announcement.

Steambox tomorrow. Half-Life 3 on Friday, initially exclusive to Steambox. Who fancies that? — Kristan Reed (@kristanreed) September 24, 2013

The thought of exclusive games on SteamOS is definitely polarizing. I can see some sort of exclusive beta or item tie-in (like the white earbuds for TF2 Apple players), but wholly exclusive games could seriously backfire on Valve.

@jackfrags next is steam box, then they announce a big game to go with it. these are my predictions

— Scott Mooney (@ChuckFinley1080) September 23, 2013


Valve’s other two announcements will be about the SteamBox and Half Life 3 – I’m calling it right here and now!

— Brian Money (@DreamingDesire) September 24, 2013

Another call for Half-Life 3. That certainly would be the right, hyped game to kick off a new, hyped hardware platform.

My predictions for Valves next announcements. 2, a Steam “box” designed around the new OS. 3, a new input device designed around the box.

— mister simon (@mrSimon) September 23, 2013

Again, separate announcements for a console/PC and its controller would feel a little threadbare…unless Valve takes the wraps off its own VR hardware lineup.

Valve has three Steam announcements this week. 1st is OS, 2nd is hardware, 3rd is your ears when you find out there’s no Half-Life 3.

— Andrew Vestal (@avestal) September 24, 2013

There will be rioting in the streets of Bellevue, Washington if Gabe holds Half-Life 3 back. NO FREEMAN, NO PEACE!

Last but not least, Dorkly thinks a SteamBox will be revealed tomorrow, followed by a very exciting announcement on Friday…


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