Two Worlds Devs Want a Second Chance with The Temptation

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Posted on April 23, 2008, Chris Two Worlds Devs Want a Second Chance with The Temptation


I don’t think I’ll find many people who disagree with me when I say that Two Worlds wasn’t very good. It was pretty terrible, actually. Compared with Oblivion, it really fell short in every way possible, even if Oblivion wasn’t superb in every way. But Two Worlds developer Reality Pump thinks those comparisons with Oblivion were unfair, as the two games are actually quite different (or so they claim), and he believes that the lessons learned from the first game will lead to a much more enjoyable experience with the sequel, Two Worlds: The Temptation.

Two Worlds was not only the first role-playing game we created as a company, but also our first console game, so we’ve learned a lot in the process. The main lesson we learned is to be more realistic with our goals. With the original idea, we were all so excited to be working on an RPG, that we tried to fit in every idea we had, even the ones that came late in the process,” Reality Pump told OXM. “Ultimately, this hurt the end product in that it had parts that were underdeveloped. With The Temptation, we clearly delineated the game’s components at the start, and we’re sticking to this target so the end result will be a more finely polished game.”

The poor writing and voiceovers will be gone in The Temptation, as professionals have been hired to handle that aspect of the game. While Reality Pump wasn’t ready to reveal what voice actors will be heard in the game, they claim some of the games they’ve done are very well known.

I really would have liked Two Worlds to have been a good game. Open-world RPGs are something I find much more enjoyable than the more linear affairs, but Two Worlds was just too poorly made. I’m far from convinced that The Temptation will really turn things around, but with all of these promises, I’ll look at it with a less cynical eye than I would have otherwise.

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