Two Worlds 2 Achievements

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Posted on January 21, 2011, GameFront Staff Two Worlds 2 Achievements

Though its European release date preceded its arrival in North American stores, this hotly-anticipated RPG from Polish developers Reality Pump is sure to be a hot ticket. Promising swords and sorcery in the traditional mold, the companys various graphical bells and whistles mean that it will satiate the dungeon-crawling masses who need some methadone before Dragon Age II and Skyrim arrive. Below, you’ll find a full list of the game‘s 46 achievements.

The Great Escape – Escape from Castle Vahkmaar – 15G

Into the Fire – Complete Alsorna Introduction – 25G

Old Wounds – Complete Chapter I in the Single Player Campaign – 30G

The Road Less Traveled – Complete Chapter II in the Single Player Campaign – 30G

Last Stand – Complete Chapter III in the Single Player Campaign – 30G

Liberation – Completed the Single Player Campaign – 80G

Alchemist – Create a potion (Single Player Campaign) – 5G

Grey Wizard – Create a spell (Single Player Campaign) – 5G

Hammer Time! – Upgrade a weapon or piece of armor (Single Player Campaign) – 5G

Clairvoyant – Use the Oculus (Single Player Campaign) – 10G

Minstrel Hero – Perform a song, hitting 100% of the note (Single Player Campaign) – 15G

The Antaloorian Job – Lockpick 50 locks (Single Player Campaign) – 10G

Slight of Hand -  Steal from 25 people (Single Player Campaign)  – 10G

Sweep the Leg – Effectively use Knockdown 30 times (Single Played Campaign) – 20G

Fearmonger – Effectively use Battle Cry 75 times (Single Player Campaign) – 35G

Man in Tights – Kill 50 enemies using Multi Arrows (Single Player Campaign) – 35G

Crazy like a Lox – Kill 30 enemies using Fire Arrow (Single Player Campaign) – 20G

White Wizard – Kill 50 enemies with magic (Single Player Campaign) – 20G

Beastmaster – Summon 50 monsters (Single Player Campaign) – 35G

It’s a Trap! – Set 40 traps or bombs (Single Player Campaign) – 35G

Who’s Next? – Kill 20 enemies using Death Strike (Single Player Campaign) – 20G

Hero For Hire – Complete 10 Bulletin Board Quests – 15G

I Am Spartacus! – Survive the Arena – 25G

Last Man Standing – Complete the Brotherhood Questline – 25G

Dance With Mops – Complete the Mage’s Guild Questline – 25G

Prince of Thieves – Complete the Thieve’s Guild Questline – 25G

The Merchant of Antaloor – Complete the Merchant’s Guild Questline – 25G

Hero – Reach Level 20 (Single Player Campaign) – 40G

Legend – Reach Level 40 (Single Player Campaign) – 40G

Fortune & Glory – Explore 25 dungeons (Single Player Campaign) – 15G

Lost – Collect all 4 Lost Runes: Human, Elven, Dwarven, and Orcish (Single Player Campaign) – 30G

Adventure Part I – Complete Chapter I in the Multiplayer Campaign – 15G

Adventure Part II – Complete Chapter II in the Multiplayer Campaign – 15G

Adventure Part III – Complete Chapter III in the Multiplayer Campaign – 15G

Adventure Part IV – Complete Chapter IV in the Multiplayer Campaign – 15G

Adventure Part V – Complete Chapter V in the Multiplayer Campaign- 15G

Adventure Part VI – Complete Chapter VI in the Multiplayer Campaign – 15G

Adventure Part VII – Complete Chapter VII in the Multiplayer Campaign – 15G

Ruthless – Win 5 Deathmatches – 10G

Duelist – Win 5 Duels – 10G

Gemologist – Win 5 Crystal Capture matches – 10G

Settler – Build 5 buildings in Village Mode – 10G

Contractor – Build 15 buildings in Village Mode – 20G

Desert Rose – Confront Mirage – 20G

It’s Alive! – Wake the Army of Golems – 15G

I See Dead People… – Receive the gift of the Scavengers – 15G

Need help getting some of these achievements? We’ve got a full Two Worlds II walkthrough.

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